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  1. A[22:17:20] Whirly Fizzle: Yeah
  2. A[22:17:27] Minuet Voir: meantime*
  3. A[22:17:40] Whirly Fizzle: It should have opened the floater for her to see what was in Trash before she emptied too
  4. A[22:17:41] Rex Cronon: test
  5. A[22:18:18] Whirly Fizzle: That "Your TRash is overflowing, empty it" nag does more harm then good too
  6. A[22:18:27] Minuet Voir: Want me to dig through my chat logs Caleb for the L&F ones?
  7. A[22:19:00] Mazidox Linden: Can't make people read floaters. If I could spray my nozzle and make it so I would.
  8. A[22:19:10] Caleb Linden: did things just get unintentionally move to L&F?
  9. A[22:19:11] Whirly Fizzle: lol
  10. A[22:19:20] Mazidox Linden: Pelican agrees.
  11. A[22:19:38] Minuet Voir: That often works on cat, Mazidox.
  12. A[22:19:56] Minuet Voir: spritz them with water to change behavior
  13. A[22:19:56] Caleb Linden: i have an idea, for every floater make them reenter the password and answer the prompt
  14. A[22:19:59] Minuet Voir: pisses them off
  15. A[22:20:17] arton Rotaru: lol
  16. A[22:20:28] Rex Cronon: lol. u want to be roasted:)
  17. A[22:20:32] Minuet Voir: Caleb - stuff they were wearing was moved to L&F
  18. A[22:20:52] Minuet Voir: the original item
  19. A[22:20:59] Mazidox Linden: Could make them calculate a blockchain hash by hand as well, to make sure they're awake.
  20. A[22:21:12] Minuet Voir: We had that bug for a short time - didn't go out into the wild - it was bloody awful
  21. A[22:21:20] Caleb Linden: how long ago was it minuet?
  22. A[22:21:29] Whirly Fizzle: If you attach off the ground it will move to L&F with that new inventory code
  23. A[22:21:50] Caleb Linden: i remember that one
  24. A[22:21:54] Rex Cronon: so u can only attach from inventory?
  25. A[22:22:11] Minuet Voir: Pretty sure I've seen 1 report in FSE in the past week? Don't want to estimate the others cause snotty memory
  26. A[22:22:35] Whirly Fizzle: No. Well, it's a bug. Race condition. Most likely to happen if you are on a viewer with RLV enabled because then it loses the race hehe. Can happen on LL viewer too though
  27. A[22:22:53] Mazidox Linden: Viewer isn't really in the scope of this meeting to be honest.
  28. A[22:23:12] Minuet Voir: point
  29. A[22:23:16] Rex Cronon: hmm. bugts having races. who gets to u first wins?;)
  30. A[22:23:22] Minuet Voir: point
  31. A[22:23:25] Rex Cronon: bugs*
  32. A[22:23:25] Minuet Voir: your serve
  33. A[22:23:26] Whirly Fizzle: hehe
  34. A[22:23:33] Caleb Linden: 15: love
  35. A[22:23:40] Whirly Fizzle: <3
  36. A[22:24:22] Mazidox Linden: As a general statement from someone who allegedly knows how to code (not as someone who regularly codes things for LL) if your code relies on winning a race to work properly, you might want to consider refactoring.
  37. A[22:24:32] Whirly Fizzle: KItty actually explained the cause really well on the JIRA
  38. A[22:25:20] Whirly Fizzle: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-225435
  39. A[22:25:35] Whirly Fizzle: See the last comment from Kitty
  40. A[22:25:50] Caleb Linden: yeah it was imported instantly because of the research
  41. A[22:26:18] Whirly Fizzle: Still repros, just saying ;)
  42. A[22:26:36] Rex Cronon: AFK...............................
  43. A[22:26:36] Rex Cronon: afk
  44. A[22:26:45] Whirly Fizzle: I should edit the title really, cos it's not actually a FS/RLVa issue as such
  45. A[22:26:47] arton Rotaru: the code panics
  46. A[22:26:58] Minuet Voir: Oh wait. I think this may not be a bug with inventory. I think FS just has better behavior than SL viewer does. :P
  47. A[22:27:12] Minuet Voir: SL doesn't allow to search separate tabs right?
  48. A[22:27:15] Whirly Fizzle: It's just having RLVa enabled changes the timings to make it more likely to happen
  49. A[22:27:25] Whirly Fizzle: No they don't. I wish
  50. A[22:27:36] Minuet Voir: If I search in main tab, everything in recent tab disappears
  51. A[22:27:48] Minuet Voir: meh silly SL viewer
  52. A[22:27:51] Whirly Fizzle: Yeah, can't have separate search terms
  53. A[22:27:54] Mazidox Linden: I will decline to speculate on things I'm not versed in.
  54. A[22:28:23] Minuet Voir: nevermind!
  55. A[22:28:35] Whirly Fizzle: You still on the EEP viewer iMin?
  56. A[22:28:38] Minuet Voir: yes
  57. A[22:28:50] Mazidox Linden: The new server OS may be faster at dispatching responses, or there may be other factors outside of the server's control that affect an already extant race condition.
  58. A[22:28:59] Mazidox Linden: But that's the most I can say with any confidence on the subject.
  59. A[22:29:01] Whirly Fizzle: Yeah
  60. A[22:29:20] Whirly Fizzle: I think that bug has always been there but the changes just changed the timings to more likely repro
  61. A[22:29:46] Mazidox Linden: Faster is (generally) not worse.
  62. A[22:29:47] Whirly Fizzle: New inventory server stuffs + RLVa = the perfect storm to repro
  63. A[22:29:57] arton Rotaru: lol
  64. A[22:30:04] Mazidox Linden: We have a lot of things to do in any given timeslice of life.
  65. A[22:30:09] Minuet Voir: throw in region crossings
  66. A[22:30:22] Whirly Fizzle: It's amazing anything works at all!
  67. A[22:30:26] Minuet Voir: lol
  68. A[22:30:33] Minuet Voir: I stay home often
  69. A[22:30:37] arton Rotaru: lol
  70. A[22:30:59] Caleb Linden: it lives
  71. A[22:31:03] Caleb Linden: just does
  72. A[22:31:30] Minuet Voir: You guys have been doing so much this year. My head just keeps spinning.
  73. A[22:31:46] Whirly Fizzle: It's insane
  74. A[22:31:50] Minuet Voir: No way you'll get it all done either.
  75. A[22:31:56] Mazidox Linden: Gotta get out updates to viewers, gotta simulate physics, gotta handle LSL, gotta deal with external resources, gotta check permissions, gotta calculate what everyone can see... What else.
  76. A[22:32:00] Mazidox Linden: 45 times a second.
  77. A[22:32:08] arton Rotaru: I just noticed the clouds that I have set on the parcel in EEPTesting is just present here as well for me lol
  78. A[22:32:10] Whirly Fizzle: Gotta make that bear!
  79. A[22:32:17] Mazidox Linden: Literally tomorrow.
  80. A[22:32:27] Whirly Fizzle: Arton, yeah that happens
  81. A[22:32:53] Whirly Fizzle: I was gonna pass you guys my cool settings but I'm on FS legaycy now & they won't load in inventory >.<
  82. A[22:33:44] Minuet Voir: well phooey
  83. A[22:33:59] Rex Cronon: welll. why do u guys thing that computers act now like rooom warmers?
  84. A[22:34:25] Rex Cronon: they got so many things s to do so they get hot under the collar:)
  85. A[22:34:57] Mazidox Linden: When you have enough machines in one place you can't hear anything else. Gotta wear hearing protection or you'll go deaf.
  86. A[22:35:16] Whirly Fizzle: Is that inventory thing Kippy is on on Agni live for everyone now? Not seen any problems with Kippy on Agni yet btw
  87. A[22:35:18] Minuet Voir: You make your PC wear a collar Rex?
  88. A[22:35:31] Rex Cronon: ?
  89. A[22:35:34] Minuet Voir: kinky
  90. A[22:35:41] arton Rotaru: lol
  91. A[22:35:46] Rex Cronon: oh. lol
  92. A[22:36:06] Caleb Linden: good good
  93. A[22:36:09] Rex Cronon: i am the master...
  94. A[22:36:10] Rex Cronon: :)
  95. A[22:36:54] Caleb Linden: DRTSIM-384 went out on Main Channel btw
  96. A[22:37:01] Caleb Linden: but nothing on Wednesday
  97. A[22:37:05] Whirly Fizzle: What's that?
  98. A[22:37:18] Minuet Voir: logging
  99. A[22:37:22] Whirly Fizzle: It's not easy for us to know what's in a DRT-SIM
  100. A[22:37:28] Whirly Fizzle: lol internal fixes
  101. A[22:37:53] Whirly Fizzle: Can you guys not give them fabcy names like the MAINTS?
  102. A[22:37:57] Whirly Fizzle: *fancy
  103. A[22:38:05] Rex Cronon: all this bug ids should pop up a window witha a description when u hoover mouse over them...
  104. A[22:38:41] Whirly Fizzle: I forgot what DRT stands for again too
  105. A[22:39:24] Caleb Linden: the titles of drtsims are mostly topical to the current events
  106. A[22:39:33] arton Rotaru: you mean, someone actually told you once what it stands for?
  107. A[22:39:36] Rex Cronon: btw. i am using a new keyboard that a has a slightly different keys arrangement, so for a while i might make even worse typos....
  108. A[22:40:01] Caleb Linden: i am foreseeing a drtsim named after the indian summer for example
  109. A[22:40:11] arton Rotaru: seems to work quite good so far Rex
  110. A[22:40:36] Mazidox Linden: 384 is pretty funny though. It's called "The sum of six consecutive primes"
  111. A[22:40:39] Whirly Fizzle: Yeah Kyle told me but I forgot again
  112. A[22:40:42] Rex Cronon: seems, but i already have like a week of usage
  113. A[22:40:52] Mazidox Linden: (53+59+61+67+71+73=384)
  114. A[22:41:13] Rex Cronon: mazidox. do u put those nrs on purpose:)
  115. A[22:41:18] Minuet Voir: Is that a topical current event?
  116. A[22:41:35] Mazidox Linden: The event is "we reached 384 in our numbering scheme!"
  117. A[22:41:44] Minuet Voir: oh!
  118. A[22:41:54] Minuet Voir: Congrats
  119. A[22:42:08] Minuet Voir: (derp)
  120. A[22:42:17] Rex Cronon: u don't have long until u reach 420:)
  121. A[22:42:37] Caleb Linden: what is 420
  122. A[22:42:43] Minuet Voir: lol
  123. A[22:42:43] Whirly Fizzle: !
  124. A[22:42:54] Mazidox Linden: I suspect that DRTSIM-420 will be named "DRTSIM-420: absolutely nothing out of the ordinary"
  125. A[22:42:55] Rex Cronon: no kiddin. u don't know:)
  126. A[22:42:56] Minuet Voir: puff puff pass
  127. A[22:43:16] Rex Cronon: offical grass smoking time:)
  128. A[22:43:21] Caleb Linden: is this what pass the dutchie means?
  129. A[22:43:30] arton Rotaru: lol
  130. A[22:43:32] Minuet Voir: April 20th
  131. A[22:44:10] Minuet Voir: official cannabis day
  132. A[22:44:33] arton Rotaru: say no to drugs :p
  133. A[22:44:37] Minuet Voir: now we know Rex is a pothad
  134. A[22:44:40] Minuet Voir: pothead
  135. A[22:44:41] Mazidox Linden: I guess I can contribute that I've been buried neck deep in DRTSIM-386 (all internal fixes at present, but we'll see if any public facing issues get put in there)
  136. A[22:44:45] Rex Cronon: u should watch more comedies. lots of them make reference to this magic nr:)
  137. A[22:45:07] Rex Cronon: lol. i am not. i like to watch comedies:)
  138. O[22:45:08] 420 Rolling Table/2e255955-e183-48c4-b9f9-1cd1b80db94e: is currently inactive.
  139. A[22:45:20] Whirly Fizzle: Crap my table doesn't work on aditi
  140. A[22:45:21] Minuet Voir: and Whirly is his dealer
  141. A[22:45:50] Minuet Voir: I think there is breedable pot?
  142. A[22:45:58] Whirly Fizzle: ooooo
  143. A[22:46:03] Whirly Fizzle: Really?
  144. A[22:46:11] Minuet Voir: I think I saw it once upon a time
  145. A[22:46:13] arton Rotaru: I've seen breedable worms on Agni
  146. A[22:46:29] Minuet Voir: I think one of my neighbors has worms
  147. A[22:46:43] Whirly Fizzle: I miss the breedable shoes, they were fun
  148. A[22:46:45] Caleb Linden: i bet you can make the whole environment hazy in EEP (tm)
  149. A[22:46:46] arton Rotaru: send him to a doctor
  150. A[22:46:51] Rex Cronon: got crabs too:)
  151. A[22:46:52] Minuet Voir: the shoes were fugly
  152. A[22:48:20] arton Rotaru: my fans start spinning
  153. O[22:48:24] Kiosk - LL Mainland Continents/e8e6959e-6458-454b-9f44-71b0a30102f7: Thank you. Your own copy of this map kiosk will be delivered to you soon. Please use this instead of a texture as it automatically updates, with corrections or additions to the map.
  154. A[22:48:29] Whirly Fizzle: Particles
  155. A[22:48:32] Minuet Voir: lol
  156. A[22:48:32] arton Rotaru: too much overdraw
  157. A[22:48:34] Whirly Fizzle: I'll derez
  158. A[22:48:38] Mazidox Linden: Could whoever rezzed that remove it before I have to start digging into the logs?
  159. A[22:48:50] Whirly Fizzle: Gone
  160. A[22:49:03] Whirly Fizzle: It's just particles Mazi, nothing excitng
  161. A[22:49:12] Whirly Fizzle: 3 prim pot field lol
  162. A[22:49:27] arton Rotaru: didn't looked much like pot tho
  163. A[22:49:52] Whirly Fizzle: I'm looking through my old 2009 drugs folder
  164. A[22:49:58] Whirly Fizzle: :D
  165. A[22:50:05] arton Rotaru: Caleb went back to the roots
  166. A[22:50:14] Minuet Voir: need to be quicker with the flame throwers
  167. A[22:50:19] Mazidox Linden: This is not an appropriate venue for that.
  168. A[22:50:26] Whirly Fizzle: Sowwy
  169. A[22:51:00] Whirly Fizzle: OOh actually though this was an M region.
  170. A[22:51:20] arton Rotaru: was it?
  171. A[22:51:23] Rex Cronon: i have to appologize. i didn't realize that realize that a 420 would excite people so much:). lol
  172. A[22:51:30] Whirly Fizzle: No. It's G
  173. A[22:51:32] arton Rotaru: I never pay attention to that
  174. A[22:51:38] Whirly Fizzle: I put the drigs away lol
  175. A[22:51:44] Whirly Fizzle: *drugs
  176. A[22:51:57] Whirly Fizzle: Pelicanagrees
  177. A[22:52:11] arton Rotaru: lets file an AR on whirly :p
  178. A[22:52:23] Whirly Fizzle: EEP!
  179. A[22:52:26] Rex Cronon: ar 4 somking pixels. lols
  180. A[22:52:58] Minuet Voir: So what's coming next week?
  181. A[22:53:31] arton Rotaru: do you guys participate in the dogfood day tommorow?
  182. A[22:53:55] arton Rotaru: tomorrow
  183. A[22:54:22] Whirly Fizzle: The dogfood day sounds fun!
  184. A[22:54:43] Rex Cronon: dogfood?
  185. A[22:54:54] arton Rotaru: lol
  186. A[22:55:13] Rex Cronon: we turn lindens tinto that?
  187. A[22:55:19] Caleb Linden: do i owe you a bear?
  188. A[22:55:20] arton Rotaru: lol
  189. A[22:55:38] Whirly Fizzle: Lindens have dogfood days - "eat your own shit". ie) Use SL like a Resi would.
  190. A[22:55:40] arton Rotaru: seems like you 2 are lucky and don't have to do it
  191. A[22:56:13] Rex Cronon: what is this dog food thing day?
  192. A[22:56:21] arton Rotaru: lol
  193. A[22:56:38] Whirly Fizzle: Alexa talked about it at the CC user group today
  194. A[22:57:09] Whirly Fizzle: It's when Lindens so normal Resi stuff, like go exploring, learn to mesh up their avatar, go to concerts etc
  195. A[22:57:14] Mazidox Linden: I mean, I use SL a bunch outside work anyway, so I mostly get to go explore places I usually don't see.
  196. A[22:57:29] arton Rotaru: lol
  197. A[22:57:41] Minuet Voir: of course
  198. A[22:58:07] Mazidox Linden: One R G or B value at a time Rex!
  199. A[22:58:20] Mazidox Linden: Subpixel rendering the best possible bear to pass QA with flying colors.
  200. A[22:58:33] arton Rotaru: channel packing is a thing
  201. A[22:58:43] Rex Cronon: i thought u were using rgba:)
  202. A[22:59:11] Mazidox Linden: arton, was *definitely* a joke.
  203. A[22:59:39] arton Rotaru: it's really a thing in game design
  204. A[22:59:41] Mazidox Linden: I'm working on making a mesh canister for my bear, which is hard because I can't model my way out of a... Wet paper bag?
  205. A[22:59:47] Mazidox Linden: Okay, that metaphor kinda fell apart.
  206. A[23:00:00] Rex Cronon: ll should hold a competition to spend a aday at their HQ:)
  207. A[23:00:44] Mazidox Linden: You don't want to spend a day here, you'll mostly just see me running around with handwritten tags and a magnifying glass making spraycan sounds at bugs.
  208. A[23:00:52] arton Rotaru: so DRT-SIM 386 on RC's next week?
  209. A[23:00:57] Whirly Fizzle: Awww Mazi. It's tradition that Linden bears look shit & have a really high LI. Don't worry about it
  210. A[23:01:05] Mazidox Linden: Firm maybe arton.
  211. A[23:01:12] arton Rotaru: kk
  212. A[23:01:27] Minuet Voir: no promises
  213. A[23:01:41] Mazidox Linden: Mazidox "absolutely no promises ever" Linden.
  214. A[23:01:46] Mazidox Linden: And with that, we're done for the day.
  215. A[23:01:57] Mazidox Linden: Thanks for coming out everyone.
  216. A[23:01:57] Minuet Voir: Thanks guy
  217. A[23:02:02] Minuet Voir: guys
  218. A[23:02:05] Mazidox Linden: No I'm Mazidox
  219. A[23:02:09] Mazidox Linden: Guy is Guy.
  220. A[23:02:20] Minuet Voir: Mazidox
  221. A[23:02:22] Rex Cronon: tc mazidox
  222. A[23:02:26] Minuet Voir: Caleb
  223. A[23:02:34] Rex Cronon: tc all those leaving
  224. A[23:02:36] Minuet Voir: y'all
  225. A[23:02:45] Rex Cronon: tc minuet
  226. A[23:02:53] Minuet Voir: Thanks. You too, Rex.
  227. A[23:02:58] Rex Cronon: :)
  228. A[23:03:01] Mazidox Linden: Vosotros?
  229. A[23:03:03] Rex Cronon: and get well:)
  230. A[23:03:39] Mazidox Linden: Bye all!
  231. A[23:03:39] Minuet Voir: Yes. I shall continue to feel sorry for myself, until I feel better.
  232. A[23:03:44] arton Rotaru: laters
  233. A[23:03:44] Whirly Fizzle: Tanks Caleb & Mazi
  234. A[23:03:51] Mazidox Linden: :tanks:
  235. A[23:03:58] Caleb Linden: thanks
  236. A[23:04:01] Whirly Fizzle: & sorry about the 3 prim pot field from 2009
  237. A[23:04:01] Rex Cronon: have fun mazidox
  238. A[23:04:06] Rex Cronon: tc caleb
  239. A[23:04:43] arton Rotaru: Pelican said bye bye as well
  240. A[23:05:25] Minuet Voir: bye bye!
  241. A[23:05:30] Rex Cronon: well. i got 2 go . have fun foks
  242. A[23:05:37] Whirly Fizzle: Hugs Min
  243. A[23:05:37] arton Rotaru: I'm a little dissapointed that I can't set the day cycle to less than 4 hours
  244. A[23:05:47] arton Rotaru: bye Min
  245. A[23:05:55] Whirly Fizzle: Hmmm not played with the day cycles yet tbh
  246. A[23:07:00] arton Rotaru: I'll hopp over to EEP, to play some more with it
  247. A[23:07:08] Whirly Fizzle: Okay :)
  248. O[08:32:32] Kiosk - LL Mainland Continents/e8e6959e-6458-454b-9f44-71b0a30102f7: Thank you. Your own copy of this map kiosk will be delivered to you soon. Please use this instead of a texture as it automatically updates, with corrections or additions to the map.

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