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  1. T[2017-07-27T22:03:32.035179Z] Started: <205.80640, 203.93710, 35.96111>{Morris}
  2. A[22:03:40] Rex Cronon: hello everybody
  3. A[22:04:05] Jenna Felton: hello Rex :)
  4. A[22:04:21] Rex Cronon: hi jenna:)
  5. A[22:04:29] Mazidox Linden: Just a bit. I had fun trying to track down a water taxi on Agni (among other things), flying around the waterways like a madcan. It ended up not helping, but it was a funny story.
  6. A[22:04:50] Lucia Nightfire: why was there a rollback?
  7. A[22:05:21] arton Rotaru: maybe the water taxi sank?
  8. A[22:05:25] Mazidox Linden: The best way I can think of to explain it is that we accidentally made a self-griefing simulator.
  9. A[22:05:38] Rex Cronon: lol
  10. A[22:05:41] Lucia Nightfire: in what way?
  11. A[22:05:45] Jenna Felton: Mazi you should test all the fun things in SL :)
  12. A[22:05:55] Caleb Linden: grumble grumble
  13. A[22:06:01] Lucia Nightfire: no meat for you
  14. A[22:06:01] Rex Cronon: so, whic linden got the ban hammer:)
  15. A[22:06:07] Rex Cronon: which*
  16. A[22:06:13] Lucia Nightfire: that ref is over most people's heads here
  17. A[22:06:34] Mazidox Linden: Regions just popped offline at (basically) random. This is... Somewhat undesirable.
  18. A[22:06:37] Mazidox Linden: So, rollback.
  19. A[22:06:41] Duckie Dickins: maybe that linden is now in charge of fetching starbucks this week. :P
  20. A[22:06:47] Lucia Nightfire: so same thing as last week
  21. A[22:07:21] Mazidox Linden: /me consults his notebook
  22. A[22:07:31] Lucia Nightfire: *Linen Handbook
  23. A[22:07:35] Lucia Nightfire: *Linden
  24. A[22:07:40] Caleb Linden: was it DJs again?
  25. A[22:07:51] Rex Cronon: so sims got a random self-destruct timer?
  26. A[22:08:08] Whirly Fizzle: Whats wrong on Agni atm? The maintenance is over but there's lots of screams about attachments refusing to attach. Seems to be some kind of asset failure but nothing on grid status yet
  27. A[22:08:15] Lucia Nightfire: I assume they're not falling like flies on aditi
  28. A[22:08:35] Lucia Nightfire: *crashing
  29. A[22:09:24] Caleb Linden: what is the attachment issue?
  30. A[22:09:38] Mazidox Linden: No, last week was different. Different maintenance release, different problem, same result.
  31. A[22:09:45] Rex Cronon: i think attachments refusing to attach is due o sim or viewer having corrupted attachments attached?
  32. A[22:10:16] Whirly Fizzle: I dunno, hoping you could tell me haha. Lots of screaming about attachments can't be taken off or added, rez failures etc. the usual stuff before "uncheduled maintenance" is announced
  33. A[22:10:24] Rex Cronon: they were either removed wrong or attached wrong
  34. A[22:10:30] Whirly Fizzle: There's screams in FSE & the forums
  35. A[22:10:54] Whirly Fizzle: eg https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/409737-i-can-not-wear-certain-items/
  36. A[22:11:12] arton Rotaru: Scream Queens
  37. A[22:11:35] Rex Cronon: the shoes don't want to get on:) and the hair is screaming:)
  38. A[22:11:52] Mazidox Linden: 9 minutes ago, huh?
  39. A[22:12:40] Rex Cronon: that is about the time this meeting started?
  40. A[22:13:01] Caleb Linden: let me check with our support folks
  41. A[22:13:12] Mazidox Linden: It's because people can't see my fantastic sunset coloration on Agni, that's why they're screaming.
  42. A[22:13:26] Mazidox Linden: (Seriously though, we'll look into it immediately, thanks.)
  43. A[22:13:45] Whirly Fizzle: Np
  44. A[22:13:58] Mazidox Linden: While Caleb handles that, let's talk about this week and next week
  45. A[22:14:06] Lucia Nightfire: lol
  46. A[22:14:08] Jenna Felton: i am happy that i not noticed any attachment issues yet
  47. A[22:14:12] Whirly Fizzle: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/409605-deploy-plans-for-the-week-of-2017-07-24/?do=findComment&comment=1655304 *looks innocent*
  48. A[22:15:00] arton Rotaru: that hair is 10.53 meters tall
  49. A[22:15:00] Caleb Linden: haha
  50. A[22:15:05] Rex Cronon: whatever is going on with attachments on main grid hasn't arrived here yet
  51. A[22:15:17] Mazidox Linden: Huh.
  52. A[22:15:25] Caleb Linden: i was going for the thin lizzy look
  53. A[22:15:34] Lucia Nightfire: heh
  54. A[22:15:48] Lucia Nightfire: more like Zappa
  55. A[22:16:01] Caleb Linden: true
  56. A[22:16:05] Mazidox Linden: Sorry, uh, so, next week I think we're skipping the release train to take time to harden our current not-RCs into RCs.
  57. A[22:16:36] Mazidox Linden: We might have moved DRTSIM-354 into Second Life Server next week, but since it's not on RC, that's not an option.
  58. A[22:16:43] Caleb Linden: (((( no shinies ))))
  59. A[22:16:49] arton Rotaru: lol
  60. O[22:17:01] Object/b4ef0e6b-2584-4410-baa8-c63cd45a0071: Hello, Avatar!
  61. A[22:17:07] Lucia Nightfire: I already am not expecting shineys
  62. A[22:17:22] Lucia Nightfire: in fact, I want to ask to make sure creation time is NOT released yet
  63. A[22:17:27] Mazidox Linden: We may have a snack-sized release of it later today, just to start getting some confidence we're on the right track with avoiding the crash we encountered.
  64. A[22:17:28] Lucia Nightfire: I went over it with Simon
  65. A[22:17:35] Lucia Nightfire: and I assume you liasoned with him
  66. A[22:17:48] Lucia Nightfire: since https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-134057 was accepted
  67. A[22:17:59] Lucia Nightfire: btw idk why you set that to triagers, heh
  68. A[22:18:20] Jenna Felton: why it should not be released yet Lucy?
  69. A[22:18:24] Caleb Linden: because it's aditi
  70. A[22:18:32] Rex Cronon: lucy. could u please say what that jira is about?
  71. A[22:18:44] Lucia Nightfire: see this beach ball here
  72. A[22:18:51] Lucia Nightfire: see the creation time?
  73. A[22:19:01] Lucia Nightfire: that is the format current creation times are using
  74. A[22:19:10] Lucia Nightfire: which was news to me as I thought it was a unix time
  75. A[22:19:15] Jenna Felton: 2002
  76. A[22:19:25] Lucia Nightfire: so I'm trying to get Simon to look into giving use higher precision subsecond time
  77. A[22:19:34] Jenna Felton: ah
  78. A[22:19:40] Whirly Fizzle: What regions wll be on the Snack test?
  79. A[22:19:56] Mazidox Linden: I don't have the list in front of me Whirly, sorry.
  80. A[22:19:56] Jenna Felton: i thought you encountered any security issue in it what i not see :)
  81. A[22:20:11] Lucia Nightfire: as you won't be able to achieve duplicates like you currently can with 2 digits
  82. A[22:20:35] arton Rotaru: why no dupes with 6 digits
  83. A[22:21:07] Lucia Nightfire: because the server won't be able to create prims or mesh faster then once every 0.000001 seconds
  84. A[22:21:24] Lucia Nightfire: it can create them faster than 0.01 seconds though
  85. A[22:21:31] Jenna Felton: i stil think the creation key is the most exact way to avoid dublicates :)
  86. A[22:21:42] Rex Cronon: maybe if they get faster server.....
  87. A[22:21:46] Lucia Nightfire: if you check any bulk uploaded mesh linkset you will see duplicate creation times
  88. A[22:21:46] Jenna Felton: but creation time would be work around
  89. A[22:21:48] arton Rotaru: what if 10 000 people rez a prim on 10 000 different regions
  90. A[22:21:59] arton Rotaru: at the same time
  91. A[22:22:10] Lucia Nightfire: @Jenna, I'm going this route for now as it is an existing data point
  92. A[22:22:16] Rex Cronon: do we have 10k sims?
  93. A[22:22:27] Lucia Nightfire: Simon said creation key would be a lot farther down teh road with time avilabel to work on it
  94. A[22:22:33] arton Rotaru: their should be around 24k regins
  95. A[22:22:41] Jenna Felton: you need the combination of creator key and creation time, so you can not create prims at different regions.
  96. A[22:22:41] Rex Cronon: oh. ok
  97. A[22:23:00] Lucia Nightfire: yes, it will be creator key and creation time for validation means
  98. A[22:23:27] Rex Cronon: u have a problem u can still have duplicates
  99. A[22:23:33] Lucia Nightfire: how?
  100. A[22:23:51] Lucia Nightfire: mathcing both creator key and creation time is a unique id means
  101. A[22:23:52] Rex Cronon: i rezz a collapsed object with 100prims
  102. A[22:24:00] Lucia Nightfire: esp once we get 6 digit decimal precision
  103. A[22:24:14] Lucia Nightfire: Rex, you cannot create in coalseced form
  104. A[22:24:26] Lucia Nightfire: creation time != rez time
  105. A[22:24:30] Lucia Nightfire: creation time cannot be changed
  106. A[22:24:33] arton Rotaru: lol hi Rey
  107. A[22:24:35] Rex Cronon: each time to rez something a new object is created
  108. A[22:24:47] Lucia Nightfire: copying != creating
  109. A[22:24:58] Lucia Nightfire: idt you understand how this works, heh
  110. A[22:25:26] Mazidox Linden: So, no DRTSIM-355 (the one that includes the new GetObjectDetails parameter), DRTSIM-354, or DRTSIM-340 next week. We might have DRTSIM-352 on RC, maybe, next week. But that should be just like Second Life Server. It's strictly a build number change from 3xxxxx to 5xxxxx.
  111. A[22:26:18] Lucia Nightfire: just keep the commit for OBJECT_CREATION_TIME off the build process until Simon has a chance to look at updating the time being pulled with raw material creation adn mesh uploading
  112. A[22:27:40] Rex Cronon: i have a question. lets say i create 10 prims. i take them to inventory, i rez them, and i link them. what is the creation time or the new object?
  113. A[22:27:48] Lucia Nightfire: OBJECT_SIT_COUNT & OBJECT_SELECT_COUNT can be shipped, although it will break the llGOD() sequence number
  114. A[22:27:56] Rex Cronon: of the new *
  115. A[22:28:00] Lucia Nightfire: Rex, it is by targeted key
  116. A[22:28:07] Jenna Felton: it will be the creation time of the root prim, Rex
  117. A[22:28:08] Rex Cronon: and by that u mean
  118. A[22:28:18] Lucia Nightfire: if you target a child link, you get the creation time for that link
  119. A[22:28:20] Rex Cronon: than is a face nr
  120. A[22:28:22] Jenna Felton: and every prim should have diferent creation times
  121. A[22:28:33] Lucia Nightfire: if you target the root it will be for the root
  122. A[22:28:33] Rex Cronon: fake*
  123. A[22:28:51] Mazidox Linden: We'll ship the changeset together, almost certainly.
  124. A[22:28:57] Rex Cronon: i won't know when the linked set was created
  125. A[22:28:59] Lucia Nightfire: SIT_COUNT and SELECT_COUNT though are NOT key targeted
  126. A[22:29:06] Lucia Nightfire: they are linkset total
  127. A[22:29:11] Lucia Nightfire: no matter what link you targety
  128. A[22:29:22] Lucia Nightfire: which is the way it should be, heh
  129. A[22:29:37] Jenna Felton: thank you Mazidox :)
  130. A[22:29:39] Lucia Nightfire: Rex, linksets are not created
  131. A[22:29:42] Lucia Nightfire: only prims
  132. A[22:29:51] Lucia Nightfire: mesh is created indiv and linked
  133. A[22:30:01] Rex Cronon: each time i link something, it become a new object
  134. A[22:30:02] Lucia Nightfire: again, idt you understand how creation time works
  135. A[22:30:10] Lucia Nightfire: and creation time won't change
  136. A[22:30:28] Rex Cronon: well i need to know when the linked object was created
  137. A[22:30:29] Lucia Nightfire: there are only two times where creation time is established, on raw material creation and mesh upload
  138. A[22:31:05] Whirly Fizzle: oxp import ;)
  139. A[22:31:08] Lucia Nightfire: Rex, target the root prim, but it will give you the creation time for that link
  140. A[22:31:23] Lucia Nightfire: the creation time for the linkset is subjective no matter what
  141. A[22:31:49] Lucia Nightfire: [15:28:51] Mazidox Linden: We'll ship the changeset together, almost certainly. <--what do you mean Mazi?
  142. A[22:31:52] Jenna Felton: Rex, create a few boxes, one by one, link them together, and pich the build. then rez it a few times and inspect the creation times. you should see for every copy the similar time for accordant prims, but different for every prim because you created these prims at different time point
  143. A[22:31:59] Rex Cronon: when u make a car in rea life i doesn't tell u when the root screw was made. it tells u when the whole core was assembled
  144. A[22:32:09] Caleb Linden: Record Scratch: just quick location roll call, apparently someone in ops changed the inventory host that we are all on on aditi such that Develop -> Avatar -> Character Test switching between Female and Male Characters is running without problems
  145. A[22:32:13] Jenna Felton: pich -> pick up
  146. A[22:32:21] Lucia Nightfire: Rex, this isn't link time, heh
  147. A[22:32:26] Lucia Nightfire: it is creation time
  148. A[22:32:39] Rex Cronon: when u link u create a new object
  149. A[22:32:40] Mazidox Linden: Oh that's right Caleb, I forgot we needed to advertise that.
  150. A[22:33:14] Caleb Linden: OPS is dying to know if their fix works for folks from different corners of the world
  151. A[22:33:29] Mazidox Linden: Yeah, it's gonna depend to a degree as to where you're physically located.
  152. A[22:33:30] Caleb Linden: Testing in SF doesn't really count
  153. A[22:33:37] arton Rotaru: That's what I got for rezzing, copying, and linking:
  154. A[22:33:37] arton Rotaru: [15:26] Object: 2017-07-27T22:15:41.05Z
    [15:26] Object: 2017-07-27T22:15:41.05Z
    [15:26] Object: 2017-07-27T22:15:41.05Z
  155. A[22:33:40] Lucia Nightfire: Rex, then file a feature request for it
  156. A[22:34:12] Rex Cronon: well, u can't say the rez time and creator is an unique key
  157. A[22:34:24] Lucia Nightfire: Rex, idc
  158. A[22:34:29] Lucia Nightfire: DEAL WITH IT
  159. A[22:34:29] Whirly Fizzle: Character test works for me in the UK
  160. A[22:34:47] Rex Cronon: u will confuse people
  161. A[22:34:52] Lucia Nightfire: no it won't
  162. A[22:34:59] Lucia Nightfire: it is an existing parameter already
  163. A[22:35:04] Jenna Felton: for some reason all the 4 boxes have same creation time
  164. A[22:35:14] Lucia Nightfire: it exists in the inspect sheet
  165. A[22:35:17] Lucia Nightfire: and has for years
  166. A[22:35:25] Mazidox Linden: I don't think this is the appropriate venue for this discussion at this point.
  167. A[22:35:50] Lucia Nightfire: [15:28:51] Mazidox Linden: We'll ship the changeset together, almost certainly. <--what did you meanby this, Mazi?
  168. A[22:35:57] Rex Cronon: i wonder when it is mazidox. after u release it?
  169. A[22:36:44] Jenna Felton: Character test and gender change Male to Female worked correct
  170. A[22:36:50] Duckie Dickins: ugh....I need to dash off early due to first life. :D See ya. Thanks for the meeting
  171. A[22:36:57] Mazidox Linden: Thanks Duckie.
  172. A[22:37:00] Rex Cronon: tc duckie
  173. A[22:37:02] Caleb Linden: what's your continent jenna?
  174. A[22:37:07] Jenna Felton: europa
  175. A[22:37:16] Jenna Felton: germany :)
  176. A[22:37:17] Caleb Linden: cool that's good
  177. A[22:37:24] Caleb Linden: affenstark
  178. A[22:37:25] Mazidox Linden: Lucia, I mean that we aren't going to put in a couple of new parameters, wait a bit, and put more in.
  179. A[22:37:29] arton Rotaru: lol
  180. A[22:37:56] Lucia Nightfire: I asked Simon to delay releasing OBJECT_CRETION_TIME until he can look into changing the time beign pulled
  181. A[22:38:07] Caleb Linden: there will be time
  182. A[22:38:07] Lucia Nightfire: idk if he talked to you as it was late
  183. A[22:38:25] Caleb Linden: it won't get out next week
  184. A[22:38:32] Lucia Nightfire: idek who is compiling server versions either
  185. A[22:38:40] Mazidox Linden: And what I'm saying is that all related changes to that will come out at the same time.
  186. A[22:39:25] Lucia Nightfire: I'm trying to prevent it from being released then people becoming dependant on behavior on agni, which is the same fate of llGetAttachedList()
  187. A[22:39:54] Mazidox Linden: And Rex, as to appropriateness of venue, I'd like to prevent what appears to be a bubbling argument here, happening in real time. It would be more productive to talk on the Server Technology forums, or in a Jira (though I think because we accepted the request it's closed for commenting...).
  188. A[22:39:55] Lucia Nightfire: which now has to have a whole new function to return a full list
  189. A[22:39:57] arton Rotaru: fate of the furious
  190. A[22:40:22] Lucia Nightfire: sorry if it looked like I was steaming but I wasn't
  191. A[22:40:28] Rex Cronon: ok mazidox
  192. A[22:40:40] Lucia Nightfire: Rex and I always get into these type of picky conversations, heh
  193. A[22:41:03] Mazidox Linden: To be clear, it is not that I don't want the conversation happening now, but that I am concerned that having it now and here isn't the right place, as opposed to the right time to have it.
  194. A[22:41:17] Jenna Felton: changing into an outfit takes a little longer than on agni :)
  195. A[22:41:23] Rex Cronon: neither i nor lucy have started bashing our head yet. lol
  196. A[22:41:30] Mazidox Linden: And if there's significant discussion you think is relevant to a feature under test, please by all means link it here.
  197. A[22:41:41] Mazidox Linden: That's good to know too Jenna.
  198. A[22:41:42] Caleb Linden: thanks jenna i will check it out
  199. A[22:41:55] Rex Cronon: heads*
  200. A[22:41:58] Lucia Nightfire: I do have a request of everyone here
  201. A[22:42:03] Lucia Nightfire: I want to do a simple test
  202. A[22:42:11] Lucia Nightfire: it requires more than 8 people, heh
  203. A[22:42:15] arton Rotaru: lol
  204. A[22:42:26] arton Rotaru: as long as I can stay as I am
  205. A[22:42:29] Mazidox Linden: Oh, I'm more than 8 people!
  206. A[22:42:32] Rex Cronon: u want to bash our heads together:)
  207. A[22:42:39] arton Rotaru: lol
  208. A[22:42:44] Lucia Nightfire: see the box that says Agents Selecting/Sitting on ME:"? can everyone open their edit menu and try selecting it?
  209. A[22:42:51] Lucia Nightfire: I want to see if it goes over 8 people
  210. A[22:43:04] arton Rotaru: That's what mazidox would like to do with you and Lucia^
  211. A[22:43:08] Whirly Fizzle: selected
  212. A[22:43:11] Rex Cronon: what box?
  213. A[22:43:15] Whirly Fizzle: It thinks I sat on it..
  214. A[22:43:16] Lucia Nightfire: next to the beach ball
  215. A[22:43:29] Lucia Nightfire: Whirls, no it doesn
  216. A[22:43:36] Rex Cronon: it shows "sit here"
  217. A[22:43:39] Whirly Fizzle: Sorry, read it wrong.
  218. A[22:43:50] Lucia Nightfire: 3 people atm
  219. A[22:43:53] Lucia Nightfire: 4
  220. A[22:44:05] arton Rotaru: why would it stop at 8?
  221. A[22:44:09] Lucia Nightfire: I don't want to have to log in 9 instances to test this, heh
  222. A[22:44:11] Jenna Felton: /me selecting it
  223. A[22:44:20] Lucia Nightfire: 6
  224. A[22:44:33] Lucia Nightfire: a few are afk I guess, heh
  225. A[22:44:36] Lucia Nightfire: 7
  226. A[22:44:42] Rex Cronon: only 7 here
  227. A[22:44:48] arton Rotaru: 2 more
  228. A[22:44:59] Lucia Nightfire: there are 9
  229. A[22:45:01] arton Rotaru: I can login another av
  230. A[22:45:10] Rex Cronon: 2 r lindends
  231. A[22:45:14] Rex Cronon: lindens*
  232. A[22:45:23] Lucia Nightfire: and that makes them not count?
  233. A[22:45:30] Lucia Nightfire: I'm reading teh radar by distance
  234. A[22:45:30] Rex Cronon: maybe
  235. A[22:45:48] Lucia Nightfire: 8 nearby + myself = 9
  236. A[22:46:00] Mazidox Linden: Hey, I'm not an armoire! I'm a spray can! Don't incorrect-type-objectify me!
  237. A[22:46:08] arton Rotaru: I'm logging in another AV
  238. A[22:46:10] Jenna Felton: Lucy, make a prim that gives a gift if more than 10 people select it, or select it long time :) and rez it at the place with many newbies
  239. A[22:46:20] Lucia Nightfire: lol, Jenna
  240. A[22:46:25] Rex Cronon: u r in god mode mazidox
  241. A[22:46:31] Lucia Nightfire: the true crowd funder
  242. A[22:46:32] Rex Cronon: u don't show on my scanner
  243. A[22:46:37] Jenna Felton: could be a good newby training :)
  244. A[22:46:39] ChinRey Resident: I don't usually allow my alts to go to beta - don't trust them enough for that. But I'll make an exception
  245. A[22:46:44] Whirly Fizzle: Shows on mine ;)
  246. A[22:46:50] Mazidox Linden: Didn't make a difference in or out.
  247. A[22:47:06] arton Rotaru: hangs at login....
  248. A[22:47:10] ChinRey Resident: Me too
  249. A[22:47:17] ChinRey Resident: Can't log on to beta
  250. A[22:47:20] Lucia Nightfire: Simon says the server keeps track with who is selecting what, you could also have a function taht returns a list of those people

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