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  1. T[2018-07-17T19:01:31.683112Z] Started: <212.00000, 44.00000, 32.96450>{Denby}
  2. A[19:01:33] Nalates Urriah: Hi all
  3. A[19:01:38] Willow Wilder: Hi!
  4. A[19:01:39] Rex Cronon: hi folks
  5. A[19:01:43] Jenna Felton: hello all arrived latelly :)
  6. T[19:01:44] Moved: <212.00000, 44.00000, 32.96460>{Denby}
  7. A[19:01:46] Rex Cronon: hi nal
  8. A[19:01:48] Adamburp Adamczyk: happy (belated) birthday Simon
  9. A[19:01:54] Nalates Urriah: You too Rex
  10. A[19:02:01] Rex Cronon: hi jenna
  11. A[19:02:06] Rider Linden: Hi all
  12. A[19:02:17] Rex Cronon: hi willow
  13. A[19:02:26] Rex Cronon: hi rider
  14. A[19:02:31] Rex Cronon: hi kelly
  15. A[19:02:41] Rex Cronon: hi adamburp
  16. A[19:02:56] Simon Linden: Let's see ... for server news, we unfortunately held back this morning's update with the Animesh roll. Late last week we found some code that is probably causing problems with the physics shapes of mesh bodies ... not animesh, but other normal mesh stuff
  17. A[19:03:04] Rex Cronon: hello simon
  18. A[19:03:24] Simon Linden: I'm not sure what the update plans will be on that in the next week or two
  19. T[19:03:30] Moved: <212.00000, 44.00000, 32.96474>{Denby}
  20. A[19:03:33] Willow Wilder: Oh? What sort of problems?
  21. A[19:03:52] Simon Linden: Not using the correct physics shape
  22. A[19:04:06] Duckie Dickins: greetings everyone. :)
  23. A[19:04:15] Rex Cronon: hi duckie
  24. A[19:04:22] Willow Wilder: Thanks
  25. A[19:04:38] Simon Linden: Also, next week there won't be a user group meeting
  26. A[19:05:19] Simon Linden: and today I must leave at 12:30, but the other Lindens will be sticking around to solve all the problems
  27. A[19:05:21] Jenna Felton: when you screw people's mesh bodies you need good ear protectors :)
  28. A[19:05:34] Willow Wilder: LOL
  29. A[19:05:53] Simon Linden: at least mesh bodies don't have physics shapes :)
  30. A[19:06:24] Theresa Tennyson: I was about to ask about that.
  31. A[19:06:30] Duckie Dickins: Is it just me or does anyone else need to hit Refresh Attachments every other time you teleport somewhere....it's like every second teleport someone tells me I'm missing something.
  32. A[19:06:51] Lou Netizen: /me has not encountered that
  33. A[19:06:58] Adamburp Adamczyk: /me is not mesh
  34. A[19:07:04] Jenna Felton: than I misunderstood your previous info, Simon about problems with the "physic shapes of mesh bodies"
  35. A[19:07:05] Simon Linden: /me doesn't have that in his viewer
  36. A[19:07:18] animats Resident: I have to use Force Appearance Rebake after many teleports to get my boots back.
  37. A[19:07:28] Jenna Felton: Duckie, I rarelly need it, and not every teleport
  38. A[19:07:31] Adamburp Adamczyk: in fact if memory is right this is the avi i;ve used since about a month after my atrrival
  39. A[19:08:05] Simon Linden: Right, just to be clear, the "bodies" I'm talking about here are the shapes the physics engine uses for an object in world, not avatar bodies
  40. A[19:08:07] Willow Wilder: Duckie, are you stacking attachments on the same point? That's one thing that can help with "ghosting"
  41. A[19:08:27] Jenna Felton: ah, thank you Simon :)
  42. A[19:08:36] Duckie Dickins: Yeah that's probably one of the issues..it's like every mesh clothing creator keeps things stacked on the right hand.
  43. A[19:08:39] Simon Linden: when building with mesh, there are a few ways to set that shape, and the animesh code changes affected that code
  44. A[19:10:37] Lou Netizen: /me drops a pin
  45. A[19:10:48] Simon Linden: Must be chat lag :)
  46. A[19:10:57] animats Resident: This latest update has some new logging features, according to the release notes. Does that include region crossing failure logging, as discussed two months ago here?
  47. T[2018-07-17T19:16:58.517910Z] Started: <212.00000, 44.00000, 32.96558>{Denby}
  48. A[19:17:16] Simon Linden: My experience makes me want to say "STOP" and not even attempt the second until the first is really done
  49. A[19:18:35] animats Resident: That improves the success rate but does not eliminate all failures.
  50. A[19:19:12] Jeannine78 Resident: Hello ^^
  51. A[19:19:22] Simon Linden: Hi Jeany
  52. A[19:19:40] Rex Cronon: hello jeany
  53. A[19:19:56] animats Resident: Several other builders, notably Myuki Mills, also do that.
  54. A[19:20:12] Simon Linden: Right Joe ... at this point I want to improve the code and communications so after a crossing, both regions and the viewer can agree that everyone is on the 2nd region with all attachments and vehicles
  55. A[19:20:33] Simon Linden: and, when something goes wrong, try to recover
  56. A[19:20:55] animats Resident: Exactly. It's clear that it's possible to get into a stable state from which there is no recovery.
  57. A[19:21:21] animats Resident: Why is the viewer in the loop, anyway?
  58. A[19:21:29] Rex Cronon: u go into a "stable" crash:)
  59. A[19:21:42] Simon Linden: it gets new full updates on your attachments from the new region
  60. A[19:22:05] Duckie Dickins: well right now I recover manually by using firestorm's "Refresh Attachments" option in the advanced menu so that I don't have to relog in order for the sim to realize that I'm wearing the attachments the viewer says I am.
  61. A[19:22:21] Simon Linden: I wonder what that command does
  62. A[19:22:26] animats Resident: But the sim waits for the viewer for some key transaction. Otherwise I couldn't force the error by adding network delay.
  63. A[19:22:40] Oz Linden: We don't want the user to have to do things like that, though
  64. A[19:22:59] Rex Cronon: if u tp out and back aren't your attachments also refreshed?
  65. A[19:23:07] animats Resident: On attachments, there really should be one "repair avatar" function that Just Works.
  66. A[19:23:23] Simon Linden: At both ends, viewer and region, it should be able to realize it's been a few seconds and things are missing or not, and then re-try
  67. A[19:23:39] Willow Wilder: I think this is it https://hg.phoenixviewer.com/phoenix-firestorm-lgpl/rev/251787a25d63
  68. A[19:23:51] Willow Wilder: There were a couple of tweaks too I believe
  69. O[19:23:56] URL Reader HUD/b91d12f1-4e0f-4752-8199-73d71fdeeee5: https://hg.phoenixviewer.com/phoenix-firestorm-lgpl/rev/251787a25d63 = "<nolink>phoenix-firestorm-lgpl: changeset 51679:251787a25d63</nolink>"
  70. A[19:24:14] Simon Linden: I'm not looking at FS code, sorry - it's a legal thing
  71. A[19:24:42] Simon Linden: It would be great to get a code contribution, but we can't go poking around in other code
  72. A[19:24:51] Duckie Dickins: even open source?
  73. A[19:25:04] Willow Wilder: Oh I know that. I thought you wanted to know what it does.
  74. A[19:25:07] Simon Linden: yes
  75. A[19:25:12] Beq Janus: I can paraphrase it
  76. A[19:25:20] Simon Linden: I do, but I have to guess :)
  77. A[19:25:26] Rex Cronon: technically fs code is an extension of ll's code...
  78. A[19:25:35] Simon Linden: I'll predict it asks for full updates on all the attachment local IDs
  79. A[19:26:47] Beq Janus: effectively, we run through the list of what we think is attached
  80. A[19:26:49] Simon Linden: I know the code thing is a pain, but we just have to be careful to follow the legal guidelines. "Open Source" doesn't mean "free for the taking"
  81. A[19:27:01] Beq Janus: and detach anything we get a confused look back from the server for
  82. A[19:27:10] Willow Wilder: I wasn't offering it, Simon.
  83. A[19:27:48] Simon Linden: I understand, and thanks for helping ... I was juggling a few comments about it there
  84. A[19:28:10] animats Resident: I looked into writing a dumper to log the details of ImprovedTerseObjectUpdate messages. The code that parses those in the viewer is amusing. Way more complex than it needs to be.
  85. A[19:29:30] Oz Linden: contributions that make the code better are always welcome
  86. A[19:29:40] Beq Janus: Kitty wrote the refresh attachments so you should be able to get a contrib from Kitty
  87. T[19:29:42] Moved: <212.29390, 44.10373, 32.96555>{Denby}
  88. O[19:30:10] Meeter/77e48a07-06f1-4ae4-9d33-6eab4d445e2d: Timecheck : User Group is half over
  89. A[19:30:12] Duckie Dickins: She's not on otherwise I would have asked her to pop in.
  90. A[19:30:20] Simon Linden: I must leave for an appointment - thanks eveyrone for coming
  91. A[19:30:26] Rex Cronon: tc simon
  92. A[19:30:27] Willow Wilder: Kitty's fix was to make life easier while waiting for a server side fix.
  93. A[19:30:30] Duckie Dickins: Have a great day Simon!
  94. A[19:30:33] animats Resident: There's a bug where, every once in a while, an avatar and vehicle are yanked a full region away from where they should be, then rubber-band back. Somehow, local coords are being interpreted relative to the wrong region. Not sure if it's viewer side or server side, hence the need for a dumper.
  95. A[19:30:35] Willow Wilder: thanks Simon.
  96. A[19:30:42] Rider Linden: Thanks Simon
  97. A[19:31:05] Simon Linden: See you all in two weeks
  98. A[19:31:14] Rex Cronon: have fun:)
  99. A[19:31:22] Duckie Dickins: is that the bug someone mentioned about crossing into the next sim and they ended up skipping that sim entirely and ended up in the sim beyond it?
  100. A[19:32:12] animats Resident: Oz, I sometimes contribute to Firestorm, but LL's contribution agreement overreaches, so, as a creator of intellectual property, it would be legally inadvisable for me to sign it.
  101. A[19:32:21] Rider Linden: There is an old story about someone who used a technique like that to escape the old teen grid.
  102. T[19:32:25] Moved: <211.41220, 46.72999, 32.96555>{Denby}
  103. A[19:32:26] Rex Cronon: i think that happens either at corners or when u go super fast?
  104. A[19:32:27] Mazidox Linden: "It's just a hop, a skip, and... oof!"
  105. A[19:32:52] Oz Linden: sorry to hear that, Joe
  106. A[19:33:27] Oz Linden: If you'd like to share your thoughts on where it's a problem, please drop me an email
  107. A[19:33:34] animats Resident: OK.
  108. A[19:34:12] Rex Cronon: afk
  109. A[19:34:51] Jenna Felton: I have a question, I sometimes come across complex attachment built off a large number of prims while only some of them are visible, others not until they are needed. For example a tool belt or it can be inworld animal having multiple accessories like hat or belt or alike. When the prims are set to invisible they stil cause rendering costs and scripts inside them take sim resources. What when there would be a way to have these prims linked to the linkset but tagged as "unload". And only at the moment they become tagged as "load" the sim updates the linkset as if these prims were rezzed and added?
  110. A[19:34:53] Duckie Dickins: Mazi. I hope at SL16B that https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-41503 is resolved because I went this year to bear island and picked up every single one I was missing from my collection.....Still need the Mazidox rookie card. :P
  111. T[2018-07-17T20:08:44.973785Z] Started: <163.38150, 176.42950, 115.41920>{Combat (sandbox) Rausch}
  112. A[20:08:48] Rex Cronon: .
  113. T[20:08:49] Moved: <163.38150, 176.42950, 115.41120>{Combat (sandbox) Rausch}
  114. T[20:08:50] Moved: <163.38150, 176.42950, 115.40310>{Combat (sandbox) Rausch}
  115. O[07:26:41] Kiosk - LL Mainland Continents/e8e6959e-6458-454b-9f44-71b0a30102f7: Thank you. Your own copy of this map kiosk will be delivered to you soon. Please use this instead of a texture as it automatically updates, with corrections or additions to the map.
  116. A[21:58:54] Rex Cronon: greetings folks
  117. A[21:59:11] Whirly Fizzle: Hiya :)
  118. A[21:59:46] Rex Cronon: hi whirly
  119. A[21:59:48] Caleb Linden: hiya
  120. A[21:59:49] Jenna Felton: hello all :)
  121. A[22:00:04] Rex Cronon: i can't belive it. i think i was first today:)
  122. A[22:00:09] Rex Cronon: hi caleb
  123. A[22:00:12] Rex Cronon: hi jenna
  124. A[22:00:13] Minuet Voir: Hi everyone!
  125. A[22:00:21] Nalates Urriah: Hi all
  126. A[22:00:24] Duckie Dickins: hello!
  127. A[22:00:27] Rex Cronon: hi minuet
  128. A[22:00:30] arton Rotaru: Gunaaaabend
  129. A[22:00:31] Rex Cronon: hi nal
  130. A[22:00:41] Rex Cronon: hi duckie
  131. A[22:00:57] Rex Cronon: hi arton
  132. O[22:01:12] RegionCross_Attachment_Touchme/b4f26234-6778-43b3-b9e9-90e9773e84f1: The region has changed.
  133. O[22:01:14] RegionCross_Attachment_Touchme/b4f26234-6778-43b3-b9e9-90e9773e84f1: All attachments accounted for: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,13,14,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,39,43,50,53,54,55
  134. A[22:01:26] Duckie Dickins: now youre making me hungry with your oversized ice cream. lol
  135. A[22:01:35] Minuet Voir: Oh fancy schmancy Bugsly
  136. A[22:01:43] Whirly Fizzle: Hmmm I have lots of missing objects on the LL viewer here o.O
  137. A[22:02:01] Jenna Felton: hello Bugsly, you have 55 attachments?
  138. A[22:02:17] Bugsly Linden: hi all! :) hehe just a few!
  139. A[22:02:19] Caleb Linden: interesting, i have the perfect segueway for this
  140. A[22:02:24] Jenna Felton: ah, sorry, numbers are not continuous
  141. A[22:02:38] Rex Cronon: u always count your attachments before leaving home bugsly:)
  142. A[22:02:49] Caleb Linden: because i just updated the inventory service on aditi, to a more updated version
  143. A[22:02:58] Bugsly Linden: I try to count them :D
  144. A[22:02:58] Rex Cronon: hi bugsly
  145. A[22:03:05] Whirly Fizzle: Does that include rezzed inventory?
  146. A[22:03:17] Mazidox Linden: 1, 2... Skip a few 55 100?
  147. A[22:03:18] Caleb Linden: anything related to inventory should work as before, if not give me a holler
  148. A[22:03:54] Minuet Voir: which before?
  149. A[22:04:20] Caleb Linden: three days ago
  150. A[22:04:25] Caleb Linden: and before
  151. A[22:04:26] Duckie Dickins: I got like 10k more objects here than on agni
  152. A[22:04:38] Minuet Voir: okay
  153. A[22:04:42] Caleb Linden: duckie that may be the account sync
  154. A[22:04:43] Minuet Voir: I haven't been here since last week
  155. A[22:04:45] Caleb Linden: merge
  156. A[22:04:52] Jenna Felton: that are 10k whih you created here Duckie?
  157. A[22:04:55] Minuet Voir: I don't think
  158. A[22:04:59] Jenna Felton: which
  159. A[22:05:29] Duckie Dickins: some of them but not that many. Heh
  160. A[22:06:08] Jenna Felton: for some reason i have some calling cards, inclusive mine multiple time in my inventory, even on agni
  161. A[22:06:43] Jenna Felton: can be due viewer switch
  162. A[22:06:49] Jenna Felton: but not sure
  163. A[22:08:06] Minuet Voir: If you've had them for a while, there was a bug that duped calling cards when you cleared cache, that's since been fixed
  164. A[22:08:18] Jenna Felton: ah
  165. A[22:08:25] Jenna Felton: i cleaned cache often
  166. A[22:08:30] Jenna Felton: thank you :)
  167. A[22:08:36] Minuet Voir: tsk tsk
  168. A[22:08:53] Jenna Felton: i look at some of them now, they are from 2010 and earlier
  169. A[22:08:56] Minuet Voir: Some people ended up with thousands and thousands lol
  170. A[22:09:02] Margithe Resident: oh i actually have double calling cards on this account, the only thing that has changed was one toS acceptance
  171. A[22:09:27] Caleb Linden: other than the inventory on aditi, we only got DRTSIM-383 out on BlueSteel
  172. A[22:10:08] Mazidox Linden: I've spent the week investigating a variety of backend issues.
  173. A[22:10:38] Minuet Voir: Magnum?
  174. A[22:10:58] Minuet Voir: juicy internal fixes
  175. A[22:11:11] Caleb Linden: was it magnum?
  176. A[22:11:13] Caleb Linden: oh
  177. A[22:11:36] Minuet Voir: My Magnum region rolled I think
  178. A[22:12:15] Minuet Voir: I don't know how to translate DRTSIM
  179. A[22:12:28] Caleb Linden: that is internal info
  180. A[22:12:59] Duckie Dickins: What have you been working on Bugsly?
  181. A[22:13:01] Minuet Voir: like MAINTs
  182. A[22:13:15] Mazidox Linden: No internal fixes, just investigations into a variety of issues so that maybe there will be fixes one day.
  183. A[22:13:29] Minuet Voir: nice
  184. A[22:13:30] Mazidox Linden: (AKA I hunt the bugs real good)
  185. A[22:13:44] Bugsly Linden: I've been investigating some issues and of course some region crossing testing
  186. A[22:14:04] Duckie Dickins: oh yes I heard about the region crossing stuff on tuesday's meeting.
  187. A[22:14:23] Minuet Voir: with different vehicles, or...?
  188. A[22:14:47] Duckie Dickins: I would hope with different vehicles.
  189. A[22:15:13] Minuet Voir: I left out "types" as I was curious
  190. A[22:15:22] Minuet Voir: planes, trains, automobiles
  191. A[22:15:34] Duckie Dickins: and sailboats
  192. A[22:15:40] Mazidox Linden: A lot of what we do is working on repeatability so we'll do the same thing multiple times to make sure it's stable.
  193. A[22:15:40] Caleb Linden: A lot of what we do is working on repeatability so we’ll do the same thing multiple times to make sure it’s stable.
  194. A[22:15:40] Bugsly Linden: A lot of what we do is working on repeatability so we’ll do the same thing multiple times to make sure it’s stable.
  195. A[22:15:48] Bugsly Linden: lol
  196. A[22:15:55] Minuet Voir: whoah
  197. A[22:15:56] Margithe Resident: lol
  198. A[22:16:13] Duckie Dickins: now they're just trolling us.
  199. A[22:16:16] Minuet Voir: it's the borg
  200. A[22:16:19] Rex Cronon: copy=paste?
  201. A[22:16:20] Margithe Resident: goto 10
  202. A[22:16:56] Bugsly Linden: ^^ohh basic was my first language :)
  203. A[22:17:24] Caleb Linden: that's a wrap
  204. A[22:17:29] Rex Cronon: there is this movie about a gy with multiple personalities...
  205. A[22:17:32] Minuet Voir: mine was babytalk
  206. A[22:17:46] Caleb Linden: with jim carrey?
  207. A[22:17:49] Rex Cronon: a guy*
  208. A[22:17:52] Margithe Resident: My was Polish, the Fortran of languages.
  209. A[22:18:04] Mazidox Linden: Thanks for coming out to today's SBUG meeting everyone, let's get started.
  210. A[22:18:25] Rex Cronon: no.glass or something like that
  211. A[22:18:36] Rex Cronon: oh is split i think
  212. A[22:19:19] Rex Cronon: u gays ain't like that. right?
  213. A[22:19:19] Rex Cronon: :)
  214. A[22:19:26] Caleb Linden: floor is open for questions
  215. A[22:19:41] Rex Cronon: u guys*
  216. A[22:19:46] Duckie Dickins: lol
  217. A[22:19:53] Duckie Dickins: Rex!
  218. A[22:20:00] Duckie Dickins: Into the naughty corner now
  219. A[22:20:02] arton Rotaru: are you guys preparing for the Linden Summer of Love
  220. A[22:20:04] Minuet Voir: /me falls through the floor
  221. A[22:20:10] Rex Cronon: ok. i should stop typing i make too many typos:(
  222. A[22:21:40] Mazidox Linden: It's always the Linden Summer of Love
  223. A[22:21:41] Minuet Voir: Caleb, I was watching FSE a bit this week, about the friends list not populating. It was coming up a lot. I wish there was an easy way to keep track of it, but I haven't come up with anything.
  224. A[22:21:43] Margithe Resident: I'm severely confused about the possibility of animation editing in viewer. LL teaming up with Independents? What next, Lucia starts coming back to these meeting, we'll get vertex editing on mesh, and texture painting tools O.o
  225. A[22:22:31] Whirly Fizzle: Maybe even Mirrors!!!1!!!!
  226. A[22:22:37] Mazidox Linden: I must confess to knowing nothing about any of that Margithe.
  227. A[22:22:41] Margithe Resident: HOLY Mo'
  228. A[22:22:54] Margithe Resident: :O
  229. A[22:23:06] Minuet Voir: Bring back last names!
  230. A[22:23:12] Margithe Resident: Ok, sorry for the sidetrack, but it took me by surprise
  231. A[22:23:14] Minuet Voir: Oh that's gonna happen, sorta.
  232. A[22:23:16] Jenna Felton: oh, editing animation in the viewer would be great for chair and vehicle creators
  233. A[22:23:16] Minuet Voir: nevermind
  234. A[22:23:22] Margithe Resident: WHEn are last names coming back??
  235. A[22:23:30] Minuet Voir: toward the end of the year
  236. A[22:23:41] Minuet Voir: part of the 15 for 15th
  237. A[22:23:43] Nalates Urriah: NiranV has the Poser-Animation Editor in Black Dragon now.
  238. A[22:24:22] Nalates Urriah: The Lindens are looking to modify it for use in the main viewer.
  239. A[22:24:29] Minuet Voir: Niran is contributing something about that to LL I believe... yeah that
  240. A[22:24:56] Margithe Resident: Yeah but Niran is a dirty independent :P Remember when that was treated like ebola?
  241. A[22:25:03] Jenna Felton: I thought LL needs a contribution before they can take over
  242. A[22:25:10] Minuet Voir: Not anymore
  243. A[22:25:24] Jenna Felton: that is cool news
  244. A[22:25:38] Minuet Voir: I mean, yes they do, but Niran has one, or is working on one
  245. A[22:25:43] Nalates Urriah: The viewer is open source and Oz Linden has made Lab and Third-Party much more cooperative.
  246. A[22:25:52] Jenna Felton: ok
  247. A[22:26:19] Whirly Fizzle: Code is here https://bitbucket.org/lindenlab/viewer-release/pull-requests/21/pull-request-1/diff
  248. A[22:26:33] Nalates Urriah: I haven't read NiransV license... but, I suppose
  249. A[22:26:40] Duckie Dickins: when do you think we'll see eep on aditi?
  250. A[22:27:06] Margithe Resident: Btw, as none might have noted, i got missing for a good while. And noticed there is no way to keep track of what is going on at the meetings .

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