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  1. T[2017-11-14T20:04:35.106389Z] Started: <212.00000, 44.00000, 32.96553>{Denby}
  2. A[20:04:38] Rex Cronon: hello everybody
  3. A[20:04:43] Yuzuru Jewell: Hello, Rex.
  4. A[20:04:49] Adamburp Adamczyk: happy birthday Rex
  5. A[20:04:51] Simon Linden: Vir is here in case anyone wants to get into the mod-key proposal that's been on the forums
  6. A[20:04:55] Nicolyti Resident: Hello Rex
  7. A[20:04:59] Rex Cronon: hi inara
  8. A[20:05:03] Rex Cronon: hi yuzuru
  9. A[20:05:05] Lucia Nightfire: just so he knows this isn't a voice UG, heh
  10. A[20:05:08] Rex Cronon: hi adamburp
  11. A[20:05:16] Rex Cronon: hi nicolyti
  12. A[20:05:25] Rex Cronon: hi simon
  13. A[20:05:38] Simon Linden: Hi Rex
  14. A[20:05:47] Simon Linden: So the table's open for topics or questions ....
  15. A[20:05:54] Rex Cronon: :)
  16. A[20:06:13] Lucia Nightfire: that disaster get fixed?\
  17. A[20:06:50] Simon Linden: which disaster, Lucy?
  18. A[20:07:12] Jenna Felton: hello all :) sorry for being late
  19. A[20:07:17] Lucia Nightfire: the one you were working on last night, heh
  20. A[20:07:39] Rex Cronon: hi jenna
  21. A[20:07:42] Rex Cronon: :)
  22. A[20:07:51] Kennylex Luckless: I know that it is not server related, but would it be possible to get environment maps, one standard or some you can selece through the windlight settings?
  23. A[20:07:53] Simon Linden: not 100%, no ... this is my 4th meeting of the day so hopefully I'll get some time soon
  24. A[20:08:13] Kennylex Luckless: select*
  25. A[20:08:17] Simon Linden: what do you mean by "environment maps" ?
  26. A[20:09:09] Kennylex Luckless: I think that is the tearm, a cubic tecture make up environment reflection tarher than a gradient as it is now.
  27. A[20:09:18] Kennylex Luckless: texture*
  28. A[20:09:42] Lucia Nightfire: cube maps was a feature that was accepted
  29. A[20:09:53] Lucia Nightfire: no word if or when it will be looked at
  30. A[20:10:09] Rider Linden: It is not part of EEP at this time.
  31. A[20:10:12] Kennylex Luckless: The water use slow to load normal maps you get the ripples, so a environment map can not be worse.
  32. A[20:10:58] Rider Linden: I think that may be separate dev effort.
  33. A[20:11:35] Kennylex Luckless: So we but carrots we can throw to to the dev team ?
  34. A[20:11:40] Kennylex Luckless: buy*
  35. A[20:11:47] Lucia Nightfire: I think they prefer latte's
  36. A[20:11:53] Nicolyti Resident: lol
  37. A[20:11:55] Rider Linden: Scotch
  38. A[20:12:00] Rex Cronon: or banananas:0
  39. A[20:12:02] Simon Linden: I'm not going to put out a tip jar :P
  40. A[20:12:07] Oz Linden: Chocolate is good too
  41. A[20:12:08] Rider Linden: Lots and lots of scotch.
  42. A[20:12:19] Lucia Nightfire: do they work for peanuts though?
  43. A[20:12:19] Rider Linden: with chocolate
  44. A[20:12:32] Nicolyti Resident: haha
  45. A[20:12:33] Vir Linden: Scotch might be counterproductive for getting the work done, though
  46. A[20:13:18] Heidi Hoyes: I don't want to derail the meeting at all because I'm late to the party but if someone can chat with me in IM about problems with rezzing on certain servers I would appreciate it. Perhaps the issue has been addressed in previous meetings.
  47. A[20:13:22] Adamburp Adamczyk: /me is 1 hour from Scotland by road, so I'll courier it
  48. A[20:13:39] Kennylex Luckless: Btw, do any Linden use the "Magellan Banana phone" as ring tone in RL?
  49. A[20:13:53] Heidi Hoyes: or if you can point me to something I can read that would be helpful as well
  50. A[20:13:53] Simon Linden: Heidi the usual first cure for that is contacting support and asking them to restart the region
  51. A[20:14:05] Simon Linden: .. or a manager that has powers to do that
  52. A[20:14:31] Heidi Hoyes: our clients do all have that capability so I was hoping to get an idea from a content provider what more I can do
  53. A[20:14:35] Simon Linden: I have no idea what that is, Kenny
  54. A[20:14:40] Heidi Hoyes: do not*
  55. A[20:15:04] Simon Linden: are they getting any error message about rezzing?
  56. A[20:15:10] Whirly Fizzle: Is it the "Unable to rez object that has caused problem on this region" error?
  57. A[20:15:24] Heidi Hoyes: we saw a sharp increase in problems after Tuesday last week
  58. A[20:15:52] Heidi Hoyes: there have been several I believe... sorry I'm a bit of the middle man here. Nic?
  59. A[20:16:07] Lucia Nightfire: it helps to look at https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ for any issues too
  60. O[20:16:13] URL Reader HUD/b91d12f1-4e0f-4752-8199-73d71fdeeee5: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ = "<nolink>Second Life Status</nolink>"
  61. A[20:16:46] Nicolyti Resident: that was one that was occurring on a mainland parcel. The tenant couldn't rez anything at all. Will check that status.
  62. A[20:17:13] Nicolyti Resident: ❤*¨¨* Thank Youuuuuuuuuu! *¨¨*❤
  63. A[20:17:32] Whirly Fizzle: If it's that error it's usually because the region has run out of physics memory. It needs to be restarted - see https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-772
  64. A[20:17:39] Simon Linden: If you see that error, wait a while (an hour+) before trying again
  65. A[20:17:44] Whirly Fizzle: Usually happens when you've been terraforming a lot
  66. A[20:18:03] Nicolyti Resident: oh.. ok. never seen it before. thank you
  67. A[20:18:03] Simon Linden: if that still doesn't work, contact support, tell them in the ticket what's going on on and ask for a region restart
  68. A[20:19:05] Whirly Fizzle: If you can rez a fresh cube via build tools but it behaves as if it's phantom, it's definitely that problem.
  69. A[20:19:10] Lucia Nightfire: That error also comes from a specific series of events involving physics use/abuse too, heh
  70. A[20:19:13] Simon Linden: right Whirly - the physics memory problem makes things very slow, including rezzing, which then gets items identified as causing problems
  71. A[20:19:25] Rex Cronon: i usually get "Unable to rez object that has caused problem on this region" with self-replicators
  72. A[20:19:32] Whirly Fizzle: I've never seen waiting an hour fix that btw.
  73. A[20:22:49] Rex Cronon: .
  74. A[20:23:11] Nicolyti Resident: I have a question, but I am not a scriptor, so bear with me.
    I manage a couple breedable companies inworld, and since your HTTP Protocol change in Mid-July this year, we are having issues with birthing/making live animals. It's almost like the call is timing out during servers communicating. I was wondering if we need to add an argument or something? It is happening on random servers/sims, about 40% of the time. Could that be a physics issue also?
  75. A[20:23:19] Jenna Felton: while there is pause, I wanted say sorry for my last disappearing. My internet connection tends to break dayly in about this time and not come back for hours. no idea what hamsters eat what cables.
  76. A[20:23:21] Rex Cronon: something wrong with this sim? is time dilatation here normally at 0.999??
  77. A[20:23:37] Nicolyti Resident: lol me too
  78. A[20:23:38] Jenna Felton: (disappearing last week due my question)
  79. A[20:23:49] Adamburp Adamczyk: my isp repalced all the hubs in my area with new ones
  80. A[20:23:55] Adamburp Adamczyk: now i have like 17 hotspots in range
  81. A[20:24:03] Simon Linden: That sounds like the breedables are over-loading the http system Nic
  82. A[20:24:17] Nicolyti Resident: ooh.. ok
  83. A[20:24:38] Jenna Felton: cool
  84. A[20:24:52] Nicolyti Resident: how do we combat that?
  85. A[20:24:58] Lucia Nightfire: some grandma's cat farm is consuming all HTTP in a region? heh
  86. A[20:25:10] Simon Linden: a lot of breedables on the same region can be trouble ... we've found some of them are really chatty with their back-end system and so when you get a lot together, it's a heavy load
  87. A[20:25:12] Whirly Fizzle: Is one of them ABC horses?
  88. A[20:25:17] Nicolyti Resident: no
  89. A[20:25:21] Nicolyti Resident: Stray Cats
  90. A[20:25:25] Nicolyti Resident: we aren't a huge group
  91. A[20:25:27] Rex Cronon: all those breedables that need to give birth take a number and form a line:)
  92. A[20:25:40] Nicolyti Resident: I gotcha
  93. A[20:25:50] Jonathan Yap: Are there other types of breedables in that region as well, causing more load?
  94. A[20:26:38] Whirly Fizzle: Sounds like it may be a similar problem that happened when birthing the ABC horses. I think Rider fixed that?
  95. A[20:27:00] Nicolyti Resident: its possible. Too varied, but I do ask, and its happening across the board, randomly, all servers
  96. A[20:27:26] Nicolyti Resident: they get stuck halfway. never finish and break
  97. A[20:29:23] Rex Cronon: there is a limited number of http connections that a sim can support
  98. A[20:29:39] Lucia Nightfire: yes
  99. A[20:29:46] Lucia Nightfire: but there is no fair usage policy
  100. A[20:29:47] Jonathan Yap: The script should be checking for that error though
  101. A[20:29:58] Lucia Nightfire: ie, it is not tied to land sqm like castray used to be
  102. A[20:30:07] Lucia Nightfire: I did file a jira requesting fair usage though
  103. A[20:30:46] Simon Linden: It's also a tough programming problem ... the animals probably have some bugs where they don't handle errors properly when they can't talk back to their own servers. Ideally they should be able to recognize there are connection problems and stop whatever they are doing, maybe resume later
  104. O[20:30:53] Meeter/77e48a07-06f1-4ae4-9d33-6eab4d445e2d: Timecheck : User Group is half over
  105. A[20:31:24] Whirly Fizzle: Oh found the ABC horse issue. It's not very descriptive though & as far as I know it was fixed https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-134275
  106. A[20:31:49] Heidi Hoyes: thank you Whirly that should help some
  107. A[20:31:50] Nicolyti Resident: ooh thank you so much Whirly
  108. A[20:31:55] Rex Cronon: like simon says. the breedables should enter something like stasis and tell owner to rezz them on a different sim
  109. A[20:32:27] Whirly Fizzle: Basically the horses could give birth after the Http changes
  110. A[20:32:41] Whirly Fizzle: *couldn't
  111. A[20:32:46] Rex Cronon: zfk
  112. A[20:32:50] Rex Cronon: AFK...............................
  113. A[20:32:50] Rex Cronon: afk
  114. A[20:33:35] Lucia Nightfire: unfortunately http throttling errors are in the form of script errors, so the script can't listen for those itself and the http functions are key based, not integer
  115. A[20:33:36] Rider Linden: Yes, if I remember correctly the horses were hitting the limits and getting shut down.
  116. A[20:34:21] Whirly Fizzle: Was that one just fixed by raising the limit a bit?
  117. A[20:35:30] Oz Linden: No, it was fixed by making some changes in the number and timing of the requests sent by each horse, and by a server side change in how the requests were authenticated
  118. A[20:35:43] Whirly Fizzle: Ahhh
  119. A[20:35:50] Oz Linden: we may also have raised the limit a little, but that wasn't the key
  120. A[20:36:13] Whirly Fizzle: So Nic's breedables may need an update?
  121. A[20:37:23] Lucia Nightfire: I think the publicly announced duping fixes will hopefully allow for less HTTP traffic in no copy objects going further.
  122. A[20:37:30] Nicolyti Resident: hmm ok. I will pass this info to my scriptor ..thank you
  123. A[20:38:23] Whirly Fizzle: Maybe a good idea to file a JIRA issue? then Lindens can test your breeable & see if that is actually the problem
  124. A[20:38:25] Simon Linden: on a different topic, did anyone have feedback on the mod key proposal as written up in https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/413191-project-animesh-feedback-thread/?page=5&tab=comments#comment-1685834
  125. A[20:38:47] Lucia Nightfire: gonna fill up the rest of the time on that topic, huh, lol
  126. A[20:38:58] Adamburp Adamczyk: Sorry, there is a problem
    You do not have permission to view this content.

    Error code: 2F173/H
  127. A[20:39:07] Adamburp Adamczyk: get tehat error message Simon
  128. A[20:39:08] Lucia Nightfire: imho, it is NOT an easy topic
  129. A[20:39:16] Vir Linden: +1000
  130. A[20:39:18] Simon Linden: no, it's a really tricky one
  131. T[20:39:32] Moved: <211.98310, 44.04148, 32.96555>{Denby}
  132. T[20:39:33] Moved: <211.94740, 44.12563, 32.96555>{Denby}
  133. A[20:39:51] Vir Linden: You need to be logged in to view the forums
  134. A[20:39:53] Whirly Fizzle: Adam, login? Though you should be able to view it when not logged in I think
  135. A[20:39:55] Whirly Fizzle: ahh
  136. A[20:40:16] Lucia Nightfire: Vir, do you want me to file a new jira with all the details of my "final solution" or do you want me to update the desc of the jira I have out now, which atm does not have those details
  137. A[20:40:35] Lucia Nightfire: again, just want to say this UG is not a voice one, heh
  138. A[20:40:45] Vir Linden: Lucia, suggest you just add it to the existing JIRA. We'll pull it in for a possible future "all the permissions things" project.
  139. A[20:40:56] Vir Linden: Err, yes, had figured that out.
  140. A[20:41:36] Lucia Nightfire: I added it in my latest coments
  141. A[20:41:39] Lucia Nightfire: *comments
  142. A[20:41:40] Vir Linden: See my most recent comment there
  143. A[20:41:41] Vir Linden: kk
  144. T[20:42:02] Moved: <211.74500, 44.15775, 32.96555>{Denby}
  145. A[20:42:27] Lucia Nightfire: it really needs a full desc to line out the details, not in a comment way downstream
  146. A[20:42:31] Lucia Nightfire: and
  147. A[20:42:51] Lucia Nightfire: I didn't update my curretn desc because we were not settled on any one behavior
  148. A[20:43:52] Vir Linden: I guess you can make the call what format works best. This isn't likely to be undertaken soon, so the more breadcrumbs we have about motivation and use cases, the better.
  149. A[20:44:27] Vir Linden: Easier to reconstruct all the discussions then.
  150. A[20:45:08] Lucia Nightfire: I would not rack your brains on an immediate solution, nor would I hold up Animesh for one.
  151. A[20:45:10] Vir Linden: If you feel like the gist is already there and you want to just wait until such time as we're looking into it again, that's fine too
  152. A[20:45:27] Lucia Nightfire: I know there are some that want to be the first out the gate with product, but we shouldn't rush anything for that sake.
  153. A[20:45:35] Simon Linden: Right, the tweaks to permissions are really orthogonal to animesh itself. Animesh makes some interesting cases that need it, but it's not a requirement
  154. A[20:46:03] Lucia Nightfire: the original need was not even for Animesh, heh
  155. A[20:46:10] Vir Linden: What we are hoping to have for animesh is a way of doing basic customization by modifying linksets. That's the purpose of the simplified propsal linked above.
  156. A[20:46:12] Lucia Nightfire: Animesh just made the need more apparent
  157. A[20:46:34] Vir Linden: If we get that in, of course people could use it for non-animesh applications as well
  158. T[20:46:43] Moved: <211.92890, 42.32895, 32.96555>{Denby}
  159. A[20:46:49] Rex Cronon: use what?
  160. A[20:47:01] Simon Linden: The existing pets an such have the same problem
  161. A[20:47:23] Vir Linden: A mechanism for controlled relinking of no-mod items
  162. A[20:47:25] Lucia Nightfire: Vir is your proposal something that you all think can fit within the scope of Animesh's natural test process?
  163. A[20:47:28] Rex Cronon: oh
  164. A[20:47:36] Lucia Nightfire: prior to when it would have been released anyway?
  165. A[20:48:24] Rex Cronon: but, if u relink u moded the linked set
  166. A[20:48:26] Vir Linden: Lucia, I think the current proposal should be reasonable scope for animesh. It's still under discussion whether it's a viable solution, which is why discussions are ongoing here, and at content creators meeting
  167. A[20:49:07] Simon Linden: I really want to keep them separate. Perhaps the work on them can overlap, but they are very different bits of functionality
  168. A[20:49:09] Vir Linden: Rex - right, this is a way to give limited permission for just relinking without other types of changes. If the creator doesn't give permission, it can't be done, same as today
  169. A[20:49:09] Rex Cronon: content creators meeting?
  170. A[20:49:21] Lucia Nightfire: my latest proposed no-mod env changes could still be done on top of yours if needed
  171. A[20:49:23] Simon Linden: yes it's discussed tehre
  172. A[20:49:36] Vir Linden: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Content_Creation_User_Group
  173. O[20:49:43] URL Reader HUD/b91d12f1-4e0f-4752-8199-73d71fdeeee5: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Content_Creation_User_Group = "<nolink>Content Creation User Group - Second Life Wiki</nolink>"
  174. A[20:50:00] Lucia Nightfire: but again, I have concerns
  175. A[20:50:10] Rex Cronon: thank u. dou have transcripts:)
  176. A[20:50:24] Rex Cronon: do u*
  177. A[20:50:38] Lucia Nightfire: because I think theres some misunderstanding in the spirit of what the feature was supposed to achieve
  178. A[20:50:46] Whirly Fizzle: Rex, medhue live streams each meeting & they are on Youtube.
  179. A[20:50:56] Rex Cronon: oh. thanks
  180. A[20:50:58] Lucia Nightfire: it was not supposed to give users direct mod ability through the viewer
  181. A[20:51:03] Jonathan Yap: and Inara provides a summary
  182. A[20:51:05] Vir Linden: It's voice. Sometimes people post summaries and/or videos
  183. A[20:51:59] Lucia Nightfire: no-mod linking was supposed to be at the creator's convenience, not the end user, mod keys used in a mod env were supposed to be at the user's convenience though
  184. A[20:52:04] Whirly Fizzle: Rex https://www.youtube.com/user/medhue/videos
  185. O[20:52:12] URL Reader HUD/b91d12f1-4e0f-4752-8199-73d71fdeeee5: https://www.youtube.com/user/medhue/videos = "<nolink> Medhue
    - YouTube</nolink>"
  186. A[20:52:27] Vir Linden: Lucia - we could use more specifics on why direct link would introduce additional problems. The purpose of the feature is to serve both end users and content creators.
  187. A[20:52:34] Whirly Fizzle: Check Inara's blog for summaries of each meeting too
  188. A[20:52:48] Rex Cronon: thank u whirly i think i will try the videos later. right now might be too much for my connection
  189. A[20:53:10] Jenna Felton: According the mod keys i'd like the ability to give inventory to prms when knowing the mod key for the prims, give and replace inventory and give running scripts, like it is for modify prims via llGiveInventory and llRemoteLoadScriptPin. To make updaters for objects the creator knows the key but the owner not. This way the creators could sell their creations no mod and stil offer updaters for them
  190. A[20:53:23] Lucia Nightfire: it creates unexpected problems that the original creator may not be able to deal with, particularly, others having mod right's on teh user's objects or group owners with mod rights on deeded objects
  191. A[20:53:31] Jenna Felton: I am not sure now if that is mentioned somewhere :)
  192. A[20:53:34] Vir Linden: Lucia, it's really not close to your original proposal, and we should probably call it something else.
  193. A[20:54:00] Lucia Nightfire: also, we should not be linking no-mod to mod as the permissions system is not designed to deal with that for the same reasons
  194. T[20:54:19] Moved: <211.92660, 42.33088, 32.96555>{Denby}
  195. T[20:54:26] Moved: <212.48630, 42.38279, 32.96555>{Denby}
  196. T[20:54:29] Moved: <212.17380, 41.57236, 32.96555>{Denby}
  197. T[20:54:41] Moved: <212.16060, 42.10080, 32.96555>{Denby}
  198. A[20:54:44] Lucia Nightfire: Jenna, with may latest changes to my initial proposal, there will have to be restrictions on things liek taht
  199. A[20:54:45] Vir Linden: Having them all be no-mod probably makes sense
  200. A[20:55:02] Lucia Nightfire: load script pin doesn't work in a no-mod env anyway
  201. A[20:55:23] Jenna Felton: ok
  202. A[20:55:30] Simon Linden: if they're all no mod - what's the problem?
  203. A[20:55:39] Lucia Nightfire: inv drop is a bigger problem/threat imho
  204. A[20:55:49] Lucia Nightfire: because it allows ANYONE to bypass mod status
  205. A[20:55:50] Lucia Nightfire: and
  206. O[20:55:53] Meeter/77e48a07-06f1-4ae4-9d33-6eab4d445e2d: Timecheck : User Group is almost over
  207. A[20:56:13] Lexbot Sinister: My concern is just more and more things being made no mod, and the end user creativity being snuffed.
  208. A[20:56:23] Rex Cronon: u could buy something no-mod, add a new child link(s), and make it look like the owner of the no-mod is the creator?
  209. A[20:56:32] Simon Linden: The new proposal is trying to make the change and focus very limited to solve a specific problem. It doesn't allow anyone to then link whatever they want
  210. A[20:56:40] Lucia Nightfire: even though you can give a script to an object that way and it isn't loaded in the server yet, it can be loaded on region change, region restart or take/rerez, then a script in the same prim can start it
  211. A[20:57:33] Lucia Nightfire: my latest changes attempt to contain linkset modding within a linkset hierarchy
  212. A[20:57:34] Vir Linden: Basically people want finer control over permissions - especially, ability to change graphics without the ability to add bad-actor scripts
  213. A[20:57:35] Jenna Felton: someone is bugging me since years to make updaters for her objects while she wants sell them no modify and i am answering that i can not make updater that replaces inventory or scripts :) this was the reason. but i wil read the proposals. Not knew there are them
  214. A[20:57:50] Rex Cronon: somebody could mode a linden bear and load it with griefing scripts...
  215. A[20:57:51] Lexbot Sinister: I mean, will this be the same fate as resize and re-color scripts all over again?
  216. A[20:58:17] Lucia Nightfire: what fate?
  217. A[20:58:23] Jenna Felton: when not knwing the key you can not load anything with new scripts
  218. A[20:58:36] Lucia Nightfire: their fate was met with llScaleByFactor imo or just eh release of rigged mesh
  219. A[20:58:57] Vir Linden: In this proposal, you don't know the key. You just have a set of objects that are compatible because they have the same key.
  220. A[20:59:11] Vir Linden: And then you can link or unlink them if you want
  221. A[20:59:22] Lexbot Sinister: Making something no mod and loading it up with keys that only allow very exact and predicted modifications- and thus locking in the end user with even more no-mod items. Thats what happened with resizers, the plague of SL for years.
  222. A[20:59:24] Lucia Nightfire: the biggest problem is the need for an affiliate system to work, sadly, heh
  223. A[20:59:57] Vir Linden: It's a hard problem.
  224. A[21:00:33] Jenna Felton: than the new scripts must go into a prim that will be linked to the product to update it and old scripts will be in the box that should be unlinked.. that restricts the way how to manage the scripts in the product to make it updateable :)
  225. A[21:00:34] Vir Linden: We want to restrict the end user as little as necessary, while preventing abusive content from getting added to the linksets.
  226. A[21:00:38] Qie Niangao: Lex, I agree that it's uncomfortable to encourage any form of no-mod unless ABSOLUTELY unavoidable
  227. A[21:00:43] Lucia Nightfire: the end user isn't in the vision of the operation, they don't have to do anything special to make their objects work, they only have to interface with them when they want one to link to another
  228. O[21:00:53] Meeter/77e48a07-06f1-4ae4-9d33-6eab4d445e2d: Thank you for coming to the Server User Group
  229. A[21:01:00] Simon Linden: well hey, look at the time ... I'm going to run away
  230. A[21:01:04] Lucia Nightfire: lmao
  231. A[21:01:07] Lucia Nightfire: good thinking
  232. A[21:01:10] Lucia Nightfire: I need to as well
  233. A[21:01:10] Jenna Felton: :)
  234. A[21:01:12] Vir Linden: If anyone wants to continue this, see you Thursday :-)
  235. A[21:01:14] Qie Niangao: thanks Simon
  236. A[21:01:20] Yuzuru Jewell: Thank you, Simon.
  237. A[21:01:21] Lucia Nightfire: do I have to be there?
  238. A[21:01:27] Yuzuru Jewell: Thank you, VIr.
  239. A[21:01:29] Whirly Fizzle: Thanks Lindens
  240. A[21:01:31] Rex Cronon: tc simon
  241. A[21:01:36] Lexbot Sinister: it's in voice, blurgh
  242. A[21:01:36] Simon Linden: Thanks everyone for coming and the good discussion ... we really do want to get this stuff right in the end
  243. A[21:01:38] Rider Linden: Thanks everyone.
  244. A[21:01:39] Simon Linden: See you all next time
  245. A[21:01:51] Yuzuru Jewell: Thank you, Rider.
  246. A[21:01:52] Rex Cronon: tc rider
  247. A[21:01:55] Qie Niangao: Thanks Vir, Rider, Oz, have fun all
  248. A[21:01:56] Yuzuru Jewell: Thank you, Oz.
  249. A[21:01:58] Jenna Felton: thank you Lindens and all for the meeting, and have a good week :) see you all other time
  250. A[21:01:59] Vir Linden: Bye all!

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