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  1. T[2017-06-22T21:59:39.990203Z] Started: <205.80640, 203.93710, 35.96111>{Morris}
  2. A[22:00:01] Rex Cronon: hi theresa
  3. A[22:02:27] Caleb Linden: how are you guys doing?
  4. A[22:02:38] arton Rotaru: sweating
  5. A[22:02:51] Rex Cronon: i am still kicking:) u?
  6. A[22:03:11] Caleb Linden: yeah, you are kicking with us
  7. A[22:04:06] Caleb Linden: 303!
  8. A[22:04:27] Rex Cronon: ok. so who/what r we kicking:)
  9. A[22:04:40] Mazidox Linden: Let me glance at my notes
  10. A[22:04:51] Caleb Linden: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=kick%20it
  11. A[22:05:20] Rex Cronon: urbandictionary? lol
  12. A[22:05:21] Caleb Linden: apologies that we haven't updated the SBUG wiki
  13. A[22:06:29] Mazidox Linden: So on Tuesday, we put a new version on Second Life Server.
  14. A[22:07:45] Mazidox Linden: And then Wednesday we put out a new version of DRTSIM-340 (which is internal fixes) on a couple of our RC channels...
  15. A[22:08:36] Mazidox Linden: We also put a new version of DRTSIM-323 (which is a Simulator OS Upgrade) out on RC Magnum, and then rolled it back pretty quickly due to a breaking bug.
  16. A[22:08:47] Rex Cronon: and today oz ia having an interview of how good they are?
  17. A[22:09:48] Caleb Linden: getting there, it'll be a much needed update (323)
  18. A[22:10:30] Mazidox Linden: Yep! This is why we've been very cautious about DRTSIM-323, because sometimes we find this One Weird Thing that breaks badly, even though there's (almost) no functional change.
  19. A[22:12:25] Rex Cronon: AFK...............................
  20. A[22:12:25] Rex Cronon: i need to go afk 4 a few minutes....
  21. A[22:12:33] Caleb Linden: no problem
  22. A[22:12:56] Theresa Tennyson: Is it still URL's that are breaking?
  23. A[22:13:18] Mazidox Linden: I think by tomorrow we'll have a new version of DRTSIM-323 here on Aditi.
  24. A[22:13:43] Caleb Linden: it'll be on a couple of regions
  25. A[22:13:52] Mazidox Linden: Theresa, after a fashion, yes. If you want to be sure your URLs aren't breaking, test them here!
  26. A[22:16:08] Caleb Linden: i think thats about it
  27. A[22:16:45] Caleb Linden: we haven't planned for any new projects for this coming wednesday
  28. A[22:17:00] Mazidox Linden: I have a note here that says "Textures on Aditi"
  29. A[22:17:07] Mazidox Linden: But I really have no idea what that means... Caleb?
  30. A[22:17:10] Caleb Linden: oh right
  31. A[22:17:19] Caleb Linden: CDN
  32. A[22:17:45] Nalates Urriah: ADITI does use CDN?
  33. A[22:18:05] Mazidox Linden: Yeah, we use a CDN on Aditi to deliver content.
  34. A[22:18:55] Caleb Linden: just from a couple of new hosts, it's been out for a week
  35. A[22:19:43] Caleb Linden: but we probably have to do an official pass before it gets cut over on agni
  36. A[22:22:03] Rex Cronon: oh. u r messing with the spaces in url
  37. A[22:22:29] Rex Cronon: i mean "improving":)
  38. A[22:22:34] Nalates Urriah: I'm confused. Are you talking about only the new Assets to be delivered by CDN? Or the URL's requesting CDN content?
  39. A[22:22:35] Mazidox Linden: We're conforming to hostname spec.
  40. A[22:24:38] Caleb Linden: do you guys have any questions?
  41. A[22:25:04] Rex Cronon: yesterday there was an article on kotaku about sl: http://kotaku.com/hands-on-with-project-sansar-the-new-second-life-1796312409
  42. A[22:25:27] Rex Cronon: is todays oz's interview about that article?
  43. A[22:26:26] Theresa Tennyson: Almost certainly not - Oz is pretty much SL-exclusive, I'd imagine.
  44. A[22:26:51] Caleb Linden: yeah, we keep sansar separate from SL. oz is absolutely commited to work on SL
  45. A[22:26:52] Nalates Urriah: Oh, that Sansar as new SL will tick off some Lindens
  46. A[22:28:17] Caleb Linden: i suspect that the press will do the comparison more often
  47. A[22:31:18] Rex Cronon: btw. last week i told u guys that i was having some errors with tp agents. i figured out what was wrong. i was requesting more than one permission. once i started requesting all perms at same time i had no more errors:)
  48. A[22:31:44] Caleb Linden: oh great!
  49. A[22:32:08] Rex Cronon: one less thing 4 u guys to worry about:)
  50. A[22:32:11] Mazidox Linden: Right, so, you can only hold one set of permissions at a time as I recall.
  51. A[22:34:08] Rex Cronon: not that one mazidox. i was requesting also the perm to take controls right after the one to tp. u need to OR them together
  52. A[22:34:25] Mazidox Linden: Yep.
  53. A[22:35:49] Rex Cronon: so, is the interview that oz is having today sekrit:) or can u talk about it:)
  54. A[22:36:05] Mazidox Linden: It was a Meet the Lindens interview as part of SL's 14th birthday.
  55. A[22:36:23] Mazidox Linden: It just concluded, but it's (I think) recorded for posterity.
  56. A[22:36:50] Rex Cronon: oh. sl celebrations:)
  57. A[22:36:59] Rex Cronon: oh. voice?
  58. A[22:37:41] Mazidox Linden: Yep, it was a voice interview.
  59. A[22:37:47] Caleb Linden: yeah, you get to hear their voices
  60. A[22:40:26] Mazidox Linden: The light looks different.
  61. A[22:40:41] Caleb Linden: i don't think so
  62. A[22:41:08] Mazidox Linden: Might just be a viewer side issue because I was running multiple clients.
  63. A[22:41:49] Rex Cronon: ironman has a gib light source on its chest:)
  64. A[22:41:55] Rex Cronon: big*
  65. A[22:42:12] Caleb Linden: this must be it
  66. A[22:42:24] Mazidox Linden: It's more that there's no light coming from the sun. Like someone snuffed it out.
  67. A[22:42:44] Caleb Linden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPyq4iqt6Go
  68. A[22:42:45] Rex Cronon: is night time here maybe?
  69. A[22:43:32] Mazidox Linden: Oh, you're correct, we're on an actual day cycle. Silly me.
  70. A[22:46:18] Rex Cronon: very few people here today, and so not talkative. werid
  71. A[22:46:30] Caleb Linden: yeah, but that's ok
  72. A[22:46:38] arton Rotaru: i am on the phone sorry
  73. A[22:47:06] Rex Cronon: one silent person mistery solved:)
  74. A[22:47:58] Mazidox Linden: Yeah, I bet SL14B had a lot of people listening. Plus if I was going to guess I'd say it's summer in the northern hemisphere and people are out and about to beat the summer heat. Or at least I would be, if I wasn't working :)
  75. A[22:49:01] Caleb Linden: i'm not mad if you got yourself a nice ice cream during this meeting
  76. A[22:49:09] Rex Cronon: in some places is so hot that the some places people don't want to be is outside:)
  77. A[22:49:23] arton Rotaru: I got disconnected a couple of times as well
  78. A[22:49:33] Rex Cronon: that the one place*
  79. A[22:49:34] Caleb Linden: just like that?
  80. A[22:49:46] arton Rotaru: yeah it's even hot over here, today it was 36° C
  81. A[22:49:51] Mazidox Linden: Ewwwwww
  82. A[22:50:01] arton Rotaru: felt like 40°
  83. A[22:50:33] Rex Cronon: just a little increase arton and it can feel like living in death valley:)
  84. A[22:50:56] arton Rotaru: probably
  85. A[22:51:30] arton Rotaru: waiting for the thunderstomrs now
  86. A[22:51:50] Caleb Linden: we had an unexpected one the other day after a really hot day
  87. A[22:51:58] Caleb Linden: 40C or so
  88. A[22:52:34] Rex Cronon: u should bring an umbrella to work:)
  89. A[22:53:35] Mazidox Linden: It'll block the sun at least.
  90. A[22:53:53] Rex Cronon: yeeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  91. A[22:54:09] Caleb Linden: we are goth
  92. A[22:54:22] arton Rotaru: I guess the thunderstorms are going on somewhere, my internet is pretty unstable :(
  93. A[22:54:32] Rex Cronon: lol. that was a gesture that was activated. yeeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  94. A[22:55:16] Rex Cronon: r u on wireless? otherwise u shouldn't be affected
  95. A[22:55:32] arton Rotaru: nope
  96. A[22:55:55] arton Rotaru: the whole telephone line was down today as well
  97. A[22:56:10] Caleb Linden: really that bad?
  98. A[22:56:31] arton Rotaru: yeah, idk. I usually don't have any connection issues
  99. A[22:57:12] Rex Cronon: sadly in europe today u can't be sure if is due to natural disasters or terroristic activity:(
  100. A[22:57:54] arton Rotaru: well, I can live with natural desaster
  101. A[22:58:05] arton Rotaru: much more than with terrorism
  102. A[22:58:10] Mazidox Linden: Thanks for showing up today :)
  103. A[22:58:15] Caleb Linden: thank you guys
  104. A[22:58:27] Caleb Linden: next week should be more content and excitement
  105. A[22:58:28] Rex Cronon: oh. the hour has passed
  106. A[22:58:38] Mazidox Linden: Like magic!
  107. A[22:58:38] arton Rotaru: shinies
  108. A[22:58:39] Nalates Urriah: bye
  109. A[22:58:47] Caleb Linden: bye!
  110. A[22:58:49] Rex Cronon: u r putting up a stripper pole;)
  111. A[22:58:56] Rex Cronon: tc mazidox
  112. A[22:59:02] Rex Cronon: tc caleb
  113. A[22:59:04] Caleb Linden: at least we are gonna earn some lindens
  114. A[22:59:10] arton Rotaru: lol
  115. A[22:59:10] Rex Cronon: tc nal
  116. A[22:59:13] Rex Cronon: lol
  117. A[22:59:27] Rex Cronon: u put the hamster to dance:)
  118. A[22:59:32] arton Rotaru: lol
  119. A[22:59:51] arton Rotaru: alrithy, laters Rex
  120. A[22:59:57] Rex Cronon: tc arton
  121. A[23:00:22] Rex Cronon: tc all those leaving
  122. T[2017-06-22T23:01:27.973033Z] Stopped: <205.80640, 203.93710, 35.96111>{Morris}

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