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  1. T[2017-05-18T21:59:40.186345Z] Started: <71.39562, 148.38300, 25.09322>{Combat (sandbox) - Red Team's HQ}
  2. A[21:59:43] Rex Cronon: test
  3. T[2017-05-18T22:00:23.235285Z] Stopped: <71.39562, 148.38300, 25.09322>{Combat (sandbox) - Red Team's HQ}
  4. T[2017-05-18T22:04:05.412149Z] Started: <205.80640, 203.93710, 35.96111>{Morris}
  5. A[22:04:06] Mazidox Linden: Hi Caleb! The cape is new.
  6. O[22:04:09] Zenith Subchair final p/e1a51880-d7b5-4c00-800d-91664f5b84c0: Hi Caleb Linden! Touch me for Menu. Say /1a to Adjust.
  7. A[22:04:09] Beq Janus: umm my head is dead too. hmmm
  8. A[22:04:17] Jenna Felton: hi Caleb :)
  9. A[22:04:22] Mazidox Linden: The summary of my week is to my right, in picture form.
  10. A[22:04:31] Caleb Linden: hola
  11. A[22:04:31] arton Rotaru: dead heads
  12. A[22:04:34] Minuet Voir: dead heads
  13. A[22:04:35] Whirly Fizzle: Oh because the stupid sync messed up outfit links again so I'm wearing 2 heads ....
  14. A[22:04:39] arton Rotaru: 1st
  15. A[22:04:39] Minuet Voir: ahahaha snap
  16. A[22:04:44] Jenna Felton: cool
  17. A[22:04:49] Beq Janus: aha yeo
  18. A[22:05:03] Caleb Linden: thanks whirly for the character test tips
  19. A[22:05:17] Rex Cronon: hello folks
  20. A[22:05:44] Jenna Felton: hello Rex :)
  21. A[22:05:53] Minuet Voir: my face seems to have come alive, but it took its sweet time about it
  22. A[22:06:00] Rex Cronon: hi jenna:)
  23. A[22:06:09] Mazidox Linden: So, getting started here...
  24. A[22:06:22] Whirly Fizzle: Np. So this last invy sync has pretty much doubled all links in my outfit folders.... which of course breaks the outfit.
  25. A[22:06:24] Rex Cronon: why so laggy here:(
  26. O[22:06:27] Object/b4ef0e6b-2584-4410-baa8-c63cd45a0071: Hello, Avatar!
  27. A[22:06:42] Mazidox Linden: This week we have three different builds on four different RCs
  28. A[22:06:46] Minuet Voir: the cache clear fixed that for me Whirls
  29. A[22:06:50] Lucia Nightfire: a day w/o Rex having problems is a day w/o shineys
  30. A[22:06:51] Whirly Fizzle: I wish there was a way to opt out of the inventory sync, it's a PITA.
  31. A[22:06:53] Minuet Voir: /me pays attention
  32. A[22:06:55] Lucia Nightfire: see what I did there?
  33. A[22:07:22] Rex Cronon: i am not the one having the problem. th sim is having a problem
  34. A[22:07:24] Rex Cronon: lol
  35. A[22:07:28] arton Rotaru: there you have it Lucy, 256 prim PF char, 128 LI
  36. A[22:07:59] Jenna Felton: i seem not notice any problems Rex
  37. A[22:08:02] Whirly Fizzle: If I delete all my inventory here, I'll get a nice clean copy of what I have on Agni right?
  38. A[22:08:07] Mazidox Linden: DRTSIM-340, containing some internal fixes, DRTSIM-343, which is Jigglypuff/Parcel Access Override, and DRTSIM-323, which is the upgrade of our simulator operating system.
  39. A[22:08:20] Lucia Nightfire: weird, my 255 link linkset was 15
  40. A[22:08:27] Rex Cronon: i just chame from the main grid. no problmes there. here though...
  41. A[22:08:28] arton Rotaru: glitch
  42. A[22:08:43] arton Rotaru: it's 128 server weight still
  43. A[22:08:46] Lucia Nightfire: wait
  44. A[22:08:51] Mazidox Linden: Whirly, maybe? You also might end up without an inventory and very sad. Just as a warning.
  45. A[22:08:53] Lucia Nightfire: are you on LL's viewer?
  46. A[22:09:12] Beq Janus: time to testr an alt whirls
  47. A[22:09:23] Jenna Felton: Rex, look if your windows started autobackup. when mine does i get so much lag and not know why, until i look
  48. A[22:09:43] arton Rotaru: how is DRTSIM-323 doing this time?
  49. A[22:10:06] Rex Cronon: no backup process running
  50. A[22:10:17] Duckie Dickins: I'm required to say "Project meh" in margithe's absense. She has an early morning tomorrow and needed to sleep
  51. A[22:10:45] Jenna Felton: ok, than i can't explain :)
  52. A[22:10:48] Caleb Linden: Project Amehsing
  53. A[22:10:52] Mazidox Linden: As far as I know DRTSIM-323 is doing well.
  54. A[22:10:58] Rex Cronon: now things stabilized. weird
  55. A[22:11:10] Lucia Nightfire: Project Alive is all I'm looking forward to, heh
  56. A[22:11:16] Jenna Felton: perhaps inventory loading
  57. A[22:11:23] Mazidox Linden: It does however need more than one week of "well" before we consider making such a major set of changes the primary Second Life Server
  58. A[22:11:36] Jenna Felton: "Amehsing" is a cool looking word
  59. A[22:11:37] arton Rotaru: wise decision
  60. A[22:11:46] Lucia Nightfire: ie, it hasn't gotten enough screams yet
  61. A[22:12:04] Duckie Dickins: or it's so meh nobody noticed
  62. A[22:12:19] Mazidox Linden: I mean really, a simulator upgrade should be the most meh thing in the world.
  63. A[22:12:27] Mazidox Linden: Meh means we did an amazing job, in that case.
  64. A[22:12:37] arton Rotaru: it is probably
  65. A[22:12:54] arton Rotaru: but changes to the physics engine do suck even more usually^^
  66. A[22:13:07] Caleb Linden: if people are screaming that upgrade wasn't meh enough
  67. A[22:14:08] Jenna Felton: :)
  68. A[22:14:12] Mazidox Linden: Anyway, as a result, Jigglypuff will probably be the next release on Second Life Server.
  69. A[22:14:40] Jenna Felton: if you not know your system administrator, than he is making perfect job :)
  70. A[22:17:23] Caleb Linden: i think thats about it., right mazidox?
  71. A[22:17:25] Mazidox Linden: Next week we'll also have a new version of DRTSIM-340 on Agni. Still no public facing fixes to report.
  72. A[22:18:12] Rex Cronon: and btw lucy. u forget that the shineys came usually on the days i had no connection problems...
  73. A[22:18:13] Rex Cronon: :)
  74. A[22:18:21] Mazidox Linden: That's all I've really got,
  75. A[22:19:00] Duckie Dickins: I updated https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-100672 since it was you who requested more info Caleb
  76. A[22:19:19] Mazidox Linden: If anyone has a suggestion for how to quickly get thousands of items in a single folder, I'd be glad to hear it. It'd help me test some theories on inventory loss.
  77. A[22:19:29] Rex Cronon: so what were u doing with pile of prims mazidox? trying to crash sim;)
  78. A[22:19:33] Caleb Linden: thank you
  79. A[22:19:50] Mazidox Linden: I imported that Duckie and Caleb.
  80. A[22:20:17] Rex Cronon: u create a script mazidox...
  81. A[22:20:24] Jenna Felton: oh btw, Mazidox, i saw you probably want script your "hand", you probably need something like pupeteer, and this one is from all i've seen the best http://www.outworldz.com/cgi/freescripts.plx?ID=648 but needs an evening to play around to learn :)
  82. A[22:21:28] Jenna Felton: 1000 items in one folder, is inpossible by script
  83. A[22:21:37] Rex Cronon: u see mazidox how useful would new lsl functions be that would allow inventory access:)
  84. A[22:22:11] Mazidox Linden: Rex, you just saying that sentence has caused me to not sleep tonight. Actually implementing it might kill me stone dead of fright.
  85. A[22:22:30] Jenna Felton: but you let a script give you 40 items (max a script can give) than open the Recent tab in inventory, you see that folder and then let the script give folder by folder and move the content every time in that first folder
  86. A[22:22:34] Jenna Felton: or folderwise
  87. A[22:22:37] arton Rotaru: that's a tiny bunny
  88. A[22:22:45] Jenna Felton: i think in few mins you will get 1000
  89. A[22:23:26] Theresa Tennyson: /me whispers, "Probably a Dead Bunny Walking too."
  90. A[22:23:27] Minuet Voir: those boxes of 10,000 textures and a bajillion megaprims are probably still floating around on the MP
  91. A[22:23:29] Whirly Fizzle: Clone my inventory if you want thousands of items in several folders :D
  92. A[22:23:57] Beq Janus: I have a question: how plausible is a change to the internal mesh format?
  93. A[22:24:12] Beq Janus: I know that server side it is versioned...
  94. A[22:24:17] Rex Cronon: i think i have a box with like 5000 megaprims. u want something like that mazidox?
  95. A[22:24:38] Whirly Fizzle: Oh you want my box to 10k textures to open?
  96. A[22:24:41] Mazidox Linden: That's probably a better question for a different meeting Beq. It's so far out of my realm of knowledge I don't even know what meeting to recommend? Open Source viewer? Server?
  97. A[22:24:43] Beq Janus: cousld we in theory get a v3? mesh asset or is there no way that would ever get scheduled
  98. A[22:25:04] Beq Janus: I'll pitch it at Oz and see which way he bats it
  99. A[22:25:14] Mazidox Linden: I could use a box with 10k textures Whirly. Or the megaprims, that could work too.
  100. A[22:25:36] Mazidox Linden: Though knowing me I'll rez all the megaprims on my region and make it explode.
  101. A[22:25:43] Whirly Fizzle: You need to god copy that, it's no trans for me]
  102. A[22:25:48] Mazidox Linden: This happens with distressing frequency.
  103. O[22:25:48] 44K Texture Collection/e8e6959e-6458-454b-9f44-71b0a30102f7: .inventoryManager v1.0 ready.
  104. O[22:25:48] 44K Texture Collection/e8e6959e-6458-454b-9f44-71b0a30102f7: hippoINVENTORY listening on channel 9
  105. O[22:26:00] 10k textures/2e255955-e183-48c4-b9f9-1cd1b80db94e: Menu timed out...
  106. A[22:26:07] arton Rotaru: 44 000
  107. A[22:26:16] arton Rotaru: that's utterly useless box ^^
  108. A[22:26:17] Minuet Voir: oh 44k, 'cause 10k simply isn't enough
  109. A[22:26:29] Duckie Dickins: lol
  110. A[22:26:31] arton Rotaru: takes 2 weeks to find a usefull texture in that :p
  111. A[22:26:32] Beq Janus: need to go
  112. A[22:26:43] arton Rotaru: bye Beq
  113. A[22:26:51] Rex Cronon: tc
  114. A[22:27:43] Mazidox Linden: Poor lil' bunny.
  115. A[22:28:02] Minuet Voir: /me no longers trusts bunnehs
  116. A[22:28:12] arton Rotaru: lol
  117. A[22:28:16] Rex Cronon: ok. i 7k mgaprims box
  118. A[22:28:18] Duckie Dickins: yeah...another thing killed from the grid due to DMCA
  119. A[22:28:20] Minuet Voir: nothing pesonal, Arton
  120. A[22:28:21] Whirly Fizzle: Huh how come its not dead yet?
  121. A[22:28:27] arton Rotaru: the lil one needs a carrot, and it will grow
  122. A[22:28:29] Mazidox Linden: I thought the gnome therapy was helping Minuet?
  123. A[22:28:49] Minuet Voir: It has been, Mazidox. I figure another 10 years or so on the couch.
  124. A[22:29:27] arton Rotaru: sofa king
  125. A[22:29:50] Jenna Felton: found 7000 Megaprims pack :)
  126. A[22:29:53] Minuet Voir: A user brought up an issue in FSE today that harkened back to those evil bunnehs days. Brought it all to the surface again.
  127. A[22:29:55] Jenna Felton: but ists packaged
  128. A[22:30:09] arton Rotaru: lol
  129. A[22:30:47] Rex Cronon: i gave one to mazidox, jenna. although i am not sure what is inside it:)
  130. A[22:31:15] arton Rotaru: all your full blown sim crashers
  131. A[22:31:30] Mazidox Linden: I'll make sure to open it on a region with scripts and physics disabled...
  132. A[22:31:47] Rex Cronon: i one make those by mistake arton. lols
  133. A[22:31:50] Jenna Felton: this one, in it there are packages with more megaprims
  134. A[22:31:51] Minuet Voir: /me giggles
  135. A[22:31:56] arton Rotaru: lol
  136. A[22:31:59] Rex Cronon: i only*
  137. A[22:32:05] Caleb Linden: i wanted to ask you guys something: has anyone experienced random moves of folders under Trash before?
  138. A[22:32:19] Minuet Voir: Not yet
  139. A[22:32:25] Jenna Felton: me, not yet
  140. A[22:32:28] Rex Cronon: what u mean caleb?
  141. A[22:32:31] Minuet Voir: (thankfully)
  142. A[22:32:54] Caleb Linden: just folder in your inventory somehow ending up in trash
  143. A[22:33:00] Caleb Linden: i didn't see it myself
  144. A[22:33:05] Theresa Tennyson: It sounds like people with inventory problems like that tend to have a history of other inventory issues.
  145. A[22:33:19] Lucia Nightfire: what is "MAINT-7196 Viewer changes supporting Allow Override"
  146. A[22:33:39] Whirly Fizzle: Yes
  147. A[22:33:43] Rex Cronon: i used to have over 25k inventory items, now i seem to have under 244k:(
  148. A[22:33:47] Whirly Fizzle: & I keep bitching about it
  149. A[22:33:51] Minuet Voir: Normally I'd agree, Theresa, but there has been an uptick of reports about it.
  150. A[22:33:53] Whirly Fizzle: For like 3 years now...
  151. A[22:34:00] Mazidox Linden: Duckie it's on my list of things to bring up.
  152. A[22:34:08] Mazidox Linden: I should probably add it to Open Items
  153. A[22:34:12] Duckie Dickins: Margithe said Mazidox said he would look into it but I didn't know if it had a jira already or one needed to be made
  154. A[22:35:05] Rex Cronon: u know what the trash can needs? the date/time an item got there
  155. A[22:35:12] Whirly Fizzle: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-1074
  156. A[22:35:23] Rex Cronon: i have no idea when something got there
  157. A[22:35:33] Whirly Fizzle: Wow, 5 years old... hah
  158. A[22:35:47] Rex Cronon: and from where. like from world, or from inventory
  159. A[22:35:52] Whirly Fizzle: He's even assigned to it too
  160. A[22:35:53] Mazidox Linden: Okay that's worse than I thought.
  161. A[22:36:01] Rex Cronon: i guess it can't get to trash from world?
  162. A[22:36:32] Lucia Nightfire: what is "MAINT-7196 Viewer changes supporting Allow Override"?
  163. A[22:36:43] Whirly Fizzle: Isn't that Jigglypuff?
  164. A[22:36:47] Caleb Linden: oh yeah
  165. A[22:36:56] Lucia Nightfire: it is a recent change as of today
  166. A[22:37:08] Lucia Nightfire: so idt it is jp related
  167. A[22:37:38] Rex Cronon: it would be also useful to know from what folder did an item get to the trash
  168. A[22:38:00] Whirly Fizzle: Subfolders of objevts seemingly
  169. A[22:38:05] Whirly Fizzle: *objects
  170. A[22:38:12] Jenna Felton: deleting to trash or to L&F instead of llDie would be good for not losing the item
  171. A[22:38:35] Lucia Nightfire: that would be abused
  172. A[22:38:48] Rex Cronon: not really jenna. my trash would overflow with bullets:)
  173. A[22:38:49] Mazidox Linden: I don't know where you're getting your info from Lucia, but it's a bit off.
  174. A[22:39:00] Lucia Nightfire: @Mazi, why I asked, heh
  175. A[22:39:02] Mazidox Linden: It's definitely Jigglypuff.
  176. A[22:39:15] Lucia Nightfire: its from today's maint viewer release notes
  177. A[22:39:30] Mazidox Linden: We're not overriding your neural clusters or anything. Promise.
  178. A[22:39:37] Minuet Voir: Hey Snipi
  179. A[22:40:00] Lucia Nightfire: I don't see anything in the viewer though
  180. A[22:40:20] Caleb Linden: you mean what can overide it?
  181. A[22:40:27] Mazidox Linden: World->Region/Estate
  182. A[22:40:30] Lucia Nightfire: theres allegedly new floaters and info in About Land and Region/Estate but I'm not seeing anything new from last version
  183. A[22:40:52] Lucia Nightfire: yeah, whats new?
  184. A[22:41:08] Whirly Fizzle: Hmm so one thing I notice, which may explain the Trash folder not displaying all objects in it - rez a copy object & delete it. Rez that object out of Trash. Notice the object visibly disappears out of Trash. Rezzing a copy object from any other folder wouldn't remove it from the folder. So, is that object still in Trash but the viewer fauils to display it? Does that cause the Trash folder versions to get out of sync?
  185. A[22:41:10] Lucia Nightfire: the Parcel owners can be more restrictive was there last version
  186. A[22:41:42] Mazidox Linden: I heard someone saying something about trash folder versioning yesterday or today, but I know nothing else about it.
  187. A[22:41:46] Caleb Linden: i'd like to try that whirly
  188. A[22:42:17] Whirly Fizzle: I filed a bug when my Trash folder versions got hosed
  189. A[22:42:41] Jenna Felton: i always thought when you rez out of trash, the object is removed in trash because you reused it
  190. A[22:43:11] Mazidox Linden: You doing it Caleb or shall I?
  191. A[22:43:28] Whirly Fizzle: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-100696
  192. O[22:43:31] Object/b4ef0e6b-2584-4410-baa8-c63cd45a0071: Hello, Avatar!
  193. O[22:43:50] sionEgg 15/e8e6959e-6458-454b-9f44-71b0a30102f7: To change the Objectname of this Egg, touch it and type: name <newname>
  194. O[22:43:50] sionEgg 15/e8e6959e-6458-454b-9f44-71b0a30102f7: Please remember to remove the copy-flag for the next owner!
  195. A[22:43:50] sionEgg 15: This egg can be cloned. The genetic telomers took damage due to cloning. Please do not buy copyable eggs!
  196. O[22:45:01] proteggtor orig. name:/e8e6959e-6458-454b-9f44-71b0a30102f7: Touch me to unpack the stored egg.
  197. O[22:45:01] proteggtor orig. name:/e8e6959e-6458-454b-9f44-71b0a30102f7: This egg decays in -54389 hours.
  198. O[22:45:03] proteggtor orig. name:/e8e6959e-6458-454b-9f44-71b0a30102f7: This egg has decayed! Eggs decay 60 days after they have been laid.
  199. A[22:45:24] Minuet Voir: spammy object is spammy
  200. A[22:45:29] Rex Cronon: u r laying eggs? lol:)
  201. A[22:45:30] Duckie Dickins: ahh no chickens to go with the cow
  202. A[22:45:42] Theresa Tennyson: Rotten egg is rotten too.
  203. A[22:46:22] Mazidox Linden: Wait, there's an Other information and an Other Other information
  204. A[22:46:26] Mazidox Linden: I don't know what to think now!
  205. A[22:46:26] Rex Cronon: r those pokemon eggs:)
  206. A[22:46:57] Lucia Nightfire: so anything coming down the pipe?
  207. A[22:47:07] arton Rotaru: paper
  208. A[22:47:30] Rex Cronon: no more lsl functions in such long time:(
  209. A[22:47:41] Mazidox Linden: Other than what I said before, I'm not aware of anything else.
  210. A[22:48:00] Caleb Linden: just the ongoing RCs getting promoted, we don't like juggling so many different RCs
  211. A[22:48:01] Lucia Nightfire: the only lsl functions known are the supp animation ones
  212. A[22:48:09] Lucia Nightfire: the only ones known coming
  213. A[22:48:21] Mazidox Linden: The huh?
  214. A[22:48:31] Lucia Nightfire: supplemental animations
  215. A[22:48:32] Caleb Linden: sup
  216. A[22:48:54] Lucia Nightfire: assigning more than one animation for an anim override
  217. A[22:48:56] Rex Cronon: what functions r those?
  218. A[22:48:57] Mazidox Linden: I haven't heard anything about that.
  219. A[22:48:59] Rex Cronon: oh
  220. A[22:49:04] Lucia Nightfire: Mazi, talk to Vir, heh
  221. A[22:49:07] Mazidox Linden: Sounds cool though if it's a thing.
  222. A[22:49:10] Caleb Linden: is it Vir News?
  223. A[22:49:17] Mazidox Linden: I virtually never talk to Vir.
  224. A[22:49:22] Lucia Nightfire: tehn you suck
  225. A[22:49:24] Lucia Nightfire: lol
  226. A[22:49:31] Lucia Nightfire: he's working on neat things
  227. A[22:49:35] Rex Cronon: they do it face 2 face lucy:)
  228. A[22:49:45] Jenna Felton: :)
  229. A[22:49:46] Lucia Nightfire: I wonder about that Rex
  230. A[22:49:54] Caleb Linden: mazidox, you know how we do the sad walk? let's do it from the dance floor
  231. A[22:50:01] arton Rotaru: lets wait until we have Vir test servers on aditi
  232. A[22:50:21] Lucia Nightfire: I can't wait for the first animated mesh project viewer
  233. A[22:50:28] arton Rotaru: than you will probably have reason to talk
  234. A[22:50:59] Theresa Tennyson: /me eyes the chickens hungrily.
  235. A[22:51:04] Minuet Voir: sad walk? is that anything like a perp walk?
  236. A[22:51:13] Mazidox Linden: I mean, as you say, there are LSL functions. That would probably necessitate some talking, yes.
  237. A[22:51:22] Caleb Linden: https://media.giphy.com/media/ZvKQKQk8lpk0E/giphy.gif?response_id=591e255728efdb6e2250f46e
  238. A[22:51:42] arton Rotaru: I more meant the other Vir project
  239. A[22:51:43] Minuet Voir: awwww
  240. A[22:52:01] Minuet Voir: I loved that show lol
  241. A[22:52:20] Caleb Linden: coming with a yet new season
  242. A[22:52:26] Minuet Voir: oh yay!
  243. A[22:52:38] arton Rotaru: cool phone booth in the background ^^
  244. A[22:53:28] Minuet Voir: what's a phone booth?
  245. A[22:53:50] Rex Cronon: is used for time travel:)
  246. A[22:53:55] arton Rotaru: something like this on your right
  247. A[22:53:58] Lucia Nightfire: next ask what is VHS
  248. A[22:54:02] Mazidox Linden: Doesn't that make it a time booth?
  249. A[22:54:12] Minuet Voir: sorry excuse for a booth
  250. A[22:54:15] Caleb Linden: VHS is a vaporwave thing

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