The main window is divided into four main areas:
  1. On the left are the buttons that are used to create objects and to manipulate them.
    Double-clicking on some of them will allow to change their default values.
    Right-click on them to select.
    Right-click and drag in one of the four windows in the center to create object.
    Following is a list of those buttons that are useful for creating sculpties:
  2. In the center there are four windows that show the working area from different perspectives, positions
  3. The bottom is used for animation. By default is hidden.
  4. On the right there is a list of objects in the working area
Using lines, the following things can be done with them:
  1. Extruding: It duplicates N times along a specific axis, all the points in the line.
  2. Lathe: It rotates the line around a specific axis, or around end points if is open.
  3. Skin: Given a list of lines, with equal number of points. It connects each point in every line to the point in the next line.
  4. Tube: It creates a skin that follows the line given. The line acts as the spine of the object.
What to do with objects created:
  1. After creating an object, save it.
  2. Before exporting it make sure that in the properties section, both position and rotation are zero.
  3. Before closing the edit window you should always center the mesh
  4. Select the object, than choose to export it to an ".obj" file.
  5. After that you can use your preferred converter to create the sculptie image.

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