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Hello There!
Welcome to my website:)

What can you do here?
  1. create blog posts(polls) on which people can vote both in sl and here.
  2. have lsl scripts write data in Queues(example: keeping track of who clicks a prim)
  3. have scripts read/write data in Vars(example: keeping track of all users on your parcel)
  4. contact the lslServer and have it send messages to other users, or shouting in the sim
  5. have the chatLog store in a queue public chat during Office hours
  6. obfuscate lsl code usig the LslObuscator here
  7. edit sculpties using the SIEE here
  8. generate random passwords here
  9. read the latest news regarding this site
  10. follow the linden group meetings(office hours) live here

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